‘Wingardium leviosa’ – The works of Cornelia Konrads

‘Wingardium leviosa’ – The Works of Cornelia Konrads¬†

While researching for a new project recently, I came accross the amazing work of German artist Cornelia Konrads.

Her work, which focuses on gravity, suspension and the illusion of weightlessness, immediately grabbed my attention and had me transfixed. I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t become a designer I always wanted to go to Hogwart’s and become a wizard!

The Works of Cornelia Konrads
Piled Forest (2006) Cornelia Konrads


So naturally the magical quality of Konrads pieces appealed to me straight away. Some of you my be familiar with some of my favourite pieces as they date back a few years but they are still just as enchanting.

The Works of Cornelia Konrads
Passage (2007) Cornelia Konrads


The Works of Cornelia Konrads
The Gate (2004) Cornelia Konrads


Konrad’s installations of floating snowball archways and twigs suspended in mid air in the center of a forest, to me illustrate the playful, magical and often mysterious element of art and design. It is not only about the installation itself but also about the whimsical and surreal experience of being there.

The Works of Cornelia Konrads
Remember Next Spring (2003) Cornelia Konrads


Are the bricks flying away? Float away? Or are they falling down in to position? The pieces may raise questions for some, but I love the mystery…

The Works of Cornelia Konrads
Moment of decision (2003) Cornelia Konrads