Ecocem Sustainable Construction Conference
After working for Emission Zero we were hired to do some design work for Ecocem. Ecocem is an Irish Eco cement company that has plants in countries around the globe.
We took their logo of a fresh Granny Smith apple and designed a series of corporate graphics for them including invitations, advertising graphics, gobo designs, decal design, bag designs. These were all for an important Sustainable Construction Conference that that took place in the new CCD, Convention Centre Dublin. This event was for over 400 top clients and business assossiates.

Kingston Lafferty Design was hired on a low budget to create an experience to the invited. It was important to make the branding very strong so that it was clear to the visitors that it was an Ecocem event and clear by the directional design where to go. We got perspex cubes of varying scale constructed and filled them with varying elements of the raw cement product and Granny Smith apples. We also designed and organised lighting, table top features, desk graphics, gobo and visitor bags for the event. For the small budget that we worked with the event was very successful.