Launch of CREATE by kld & Foxrock Christmas Pop-Up

Kingston Lafferty Design is delighted to announce the launch of their sister company CREATE by kld. CREATE by kld is a tailored design service where the customer is empowered to carry out their own interior designer.

There have always been a limited number of clients that KLD can serve with its high-end Interior Design service.  We learned that many more people are interested in investing in interior design advice to a less detailed degree and there is now demand in the wider marketplace for limited edition and curated interior design products. In response to this we have setup a new interior design service called CREATE by kld.


CREATE by kld provides the customer with the Kingston Lafferty Design tools and expertise to implement their own beautiful designs and transform their home. At the core of CREATE by kld is the belief that we are all inherently creative, we are all storytellers and given the right guidance we can tell our own stories and design our own homes with confidence.

We want to empower people to tell their own story and transform their homes. Everyone should love where they live.

KLD Creative Director Róisín Lafferty explains what CREATE by kld is all about:



Giving people some basic interior design acumen and encouraging their personality to shine through will ensure more originality, more variety and more personality in the homes we visit. Imagine CREATE by kld as a scaffolding, you use it to realise your vision, and on completion you take it down and your dream project will stand alone, beautiful and most importantly unique in its own right.

Kitchen Before



Kitchen After



Living Room Before



Living Room After


The service includes a tailored, one-on-one consultation experience in the home with one of our expert designers, moodboards, product selection, suppliers’ lists, samples, and a project management journal with the option of additional detailed drawings.

We have no doubt that as a nation of creative people and storytellers we are ready for this next evolution in interior design. We believe your home is your signature and it should stand out.

CREATE by kld is also the perfect gift and a gift voucher to this unique service is a gift that will keep giving all year round. Check out for further details.




Gift Vouchers available from


Begin Your Story



We are also delighted to announce that CREATE by kld Christmas pop-up is now open at Brighton Cottages, Brighton Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18. Gift packages for CREATE by kld are available from our pop up shop and online.

CREATE by kld, Brighton Cottages, Foxrock Village


We are also selling  bespoke wooden Christmas decorations for sale with a percentage of the proceeds going to the LauraLynn Children’s Hospice.

The e-commerce side of CREATE by kld will be launching in early 2019. For daily, achievable interior inspiration, follow CREATE by kld on Instagram @createbykld.

Go to to find out more.

CREATE by kld
Styling Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to go to town and lavishly decorate your home with glittering, colourful decor. Over the years, there has been a shift from traditional Christmas colours of red and green, and today, Christmas decorations are available in a range of themes with an abundance of variety available. It also doesn’t just stop at the Christmas tree, we’re decorating every room in the house.

So, with no space going untouched of a little Christmas cheer, we searched through the wealth of fabulously festive ideas to share a few of our favourite ideas for you to replicate this Christmas season.

Mantle-piece Magic

Elevate a simple fireplace to a spectacular feature with lashings of fresh greenery and stacked candles for an opulent and atmospheric touch to Christmas. A base of greenery piled with fruits, dried flowers (hydrangeas, ivy and eucalyptus are a particular favourites of ours) and an array of candles in different sizes will create something really spectacular.



A Festive Front Door

With swarms of guests, family and friends visiting this Christmas, the front door is especially pertinent for setting the decorative tone. As the first impression of your festive frills, there is so much you can do – whether it be a beautiful fresh wreath, an outdoor tree with twinkling lights or perhaps even wrapping your front door with extra large ribbon to create a giant Christmas gift?! The options are endless. We love this simple yet rich scene for how the gorgeous grey door provides the perfect backdrop for seasonal and snowy green.



Garland Greenery

Everyday items around your home can be beautifully adorned with large garlands of greenery, acorns, baubles, strings of decor and of course a few fairy lights.



A Show-Stopping Staircase

As the focal point in so many homes and hallways, the staircase lends itself perfectly to creating a dramatic seasonal display. You could use a garland, fresh greenery, leaves, lights, baubles, paper snowflakes, honeycomb pompoms, or like this clever creation – a mix of all of the above.



Washi Wrapping

There is nothing quite like the joy of giving at Christmas, and its even more special when what your giving is presented perfectly. This idea of simple white paper, with mint and gold washi tape cuts, a simple white ribbon, a handwritten gift tag and an embellishment, shows just how clever you can be with your gift wrapping.



Decorated Dining

Gathering around the table to enjoy the best meal of the year with loved ones, becomes all the more special with a little attention to detail. It doesn’t have to cost the earth and it can be so effective to simply gather some fresh greenery, create a simple centrepiece, add some twinkling candles and dress the table with your favourite delph, glassware and cutlery. We love the super affordable gold cutlery from Sostrene Grene – which is the perfect place to gather some really inexpensive pieces to create a table setting that looks perfectly elegant.



The Main Event

And of course the magical Christmas tree, one of the oldest festive traditions, which for many entails one of the most exciting parts of Christmas – decorating the tree. Christmas tree decorating is a massively personal affair and will often be influenced by nostalgia and tradition. Whatever decorations you opt for, consider adding something extra like ribbon or jute, bows, festive berries, faux florals or simple acorns for just a few ideas. Consistency also goes a long way in making a tree look particularly special, so if you are buying new decorations then consider purchasing them in groups of 3 or more and layering with other repeating decorations for a beautiful finished look.


Christmas at KLD!

We’re just wrapping up for the year here at Kingston Lafferty Design and we’re full on getting into the festive spirit!

The past two weeks have seen lots of lovely activities, from our Christmas party day to designing Christmas cards to receiving lovely gifts from all our closest friends.

Our Christmas cards have been sent out all across the country and hopefully people are enjoying the little treats we’ve added, just a little thank you to all of those who have worked with us over the year and continue to support us in our little (but growing!) dream.


Christmas at KLD!

Some complimentary treats tucked in with Maurice the Deer, hopefully everyone has gotten to gobble these up (there may have been one or two tasted when the boxes arrived..)

Christmas at KLD!


For everyone we don’t yet have on our Christmas card list we wish you the merriest, brightest Christmas!


Here’s also a sneak peak into our Christmas Party antics! Ever tried Aerial Yoga?? It’s such a laugh! What a great combination of relaxing yoga and fun aerial acrobatics.




In full swing…!



A few action shots taken by a very bemused bystander!


All the KLD team!! Happy out with our efforts feeling lovely and loose after all that hanging.

We later continued our celebrations with Cava, nibbles, and getting dressing up in the KLD home, followed by a delicious Christmas dinner at Farmer Browns in Ballsbridge. Unfortunately we were so focused on the food (and presents!) that we took no photos. Except for this one…of the lovely red that helped us on our merry way.

Such an enjoyable day and a fantastic way to say goodbye to our brilliant parisiene intern Olyviane who has left us to return to her studies, we miss you!

IMG_6947 (2)


Merry Christmas everyone! We will be back fresh-faced and full-bellied in the new year to continue doing what we love and bringing beautiful design to great people!


Christmas Styling

Turn your home into a festive gathering place for family and friends by sprucing it up with these simple Christmas styling ideas.

All of us have our own preferred decorating style and possibly plenty of decorations from the previous years.  But why don’t you try something totally new this year? It is about styling your home in more simplistic style.

Use tree branches and pine cones, green wreaths made of pine branches and not to forget the reindeer. Add natural materials to your home with the occasional pop of red or other colours but keep it simplistic. Metallics like copper and brass add an extra Christmas shine. Look out for copper candle holders, contemporary tree decorations or napkin rings.

Although the weather this time of the year doesn’t resemble the winter, we can not deny that there is nothing more delightful as sitting by a cosy fireplace. Set a  scene by wrapping the fireplace in fairy lights for more fairytale-like atmosphere. For more rustic feel use parcel paper and twine to wrap your presents and make your own DIY Christmas decorations.

Take a look at our Pinterest board of Christmas Styling to get some inspiration and ideas.

Follow Kingston Lafferty Design’s board Christmas Styling on Pinterest.


How to… create your own Christmas decorations

Christmas is just around the corner

Just over a week left before we all gather with family and friends to share joy, gratitude, and love over a Christmas feast. That also means there is only a few days left to decorate our houses and make our home magical.

Here at KLD we decided to try our hand at some handmade paper decorations in an effort to make your decorating easier!

So try out these DIY Christmas decorations. Making your own decorations is a fabulous creative outlet through the harnessing of unique design. and simultaneously impress people with your efforts…

A. Christmas Origami


– Scissors
– Glue
– String
– White A4 sheet
– Patterned A4 sheet of your choice
– Gold or silver shiny A4 sheet

Step 1: Print one of these template on either a white A4 sheet or a patterned A4 sheet.


Step 2: Cut around the outlines. It will define the shape of your Christmas ball.

Step 3: With a needle, pierce a hole where on one of the face. Put the string through and make a knot.

Step 4: Score along all the dotted lines.The dotted lines represents where you bend the template to give it a 3D shape. Score it with a cutter or a needle will make it easier to bend the paper.

Step 5: Turn over and lightly bend along scored lines.

Step 6: Using a glue-stick glue each flap into place.


Last step is to decorate your tree with these fabulous homemade shapes!

B. Paper Snowflakes

With the Christmas tree decorated, now embellish door knobs or windows. Try paper snowflakes to hang around the house. As noted in the previous tip, use the ever so simple yet elegant white paper. Or go a shinier rout, like a gold or silver A4 paper.


– Scissors
– Paper of your choice
– String and a needle

Step 1: First step is very simple. From a A4 or A3 sheet (if you want a bigger snowflake), cut a square and fold it in two to make a triangle

Step 2: Fold the triangle in half again, then into thirds.

Step 3: Cut around the edges of your folded paper any way you like, then open up the folds to reveal your snowflake.

Step 4: With a needle, pierce a small hole at the edge of the snowflake and put through the string. Make a know and hang it wherever you feel like.

If you are feeling inspired take a look at some of our other Christmas posts, Christmas Cards & Festive Graphics & Wrapping Delights!

Christmas Cards & Festive Graphics

Make your loved ones happy by sending them a Christmas Card this season.

It’s that time of year we all look forward to again. Christmas. We remember our loved ones, near and far, and send them messages, cards and little tokens of our appreciation.

In these hectic digital times, modern communication methods tend to take over from the traditional Christmas card. Some of us, however, are still nostalgic for the old paper-filled days. If you’re one of these people, then this is a perfect opportunity to experiment and put a more personal stamp on your Christmas Cards by making them yourself! Let’s be honest, creating your own card, whether it’s a simple little sketch or a splash of colour, it is going to be a lot cheaper than buying one in the shop and much more personal.

So how about creating a reindeer from geometric forms, or playing around with typography and adding your own personal message inside?

For some inspiration take a look at our pinterest board of Christmas cards & festive graphics.

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