Calm & Serenity

There are many elements that offer calm & serenity.
First off, have a look at the layout and contents of your house. De-cluttering your space is at the fore front of the journey to making your surroundings a calm and serene environment.
Secondly, we all know that colour plays a huge part in our day to day lives whether that be in an emotional, psycological or physical way. Be aware of how certain colours make you feel and how they affect you. The colours that bring a sense of ease are the colours that you should surround yourself with. You can add blocks of colour and patterns in the smaller details.
Immerse yourself with¬†nature!!! By incorporating natural elements such as [natural] light, wood, pine cones, plants and flower etc into your space, you are allowing a zen feeling flow into your life on a daily basis. Decorate using plants….you are cleaning and re-oxygenating the air within your home.

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