Before and After Video: The Pot Bellied Pig

Before and After Video: The Pot Bellied Pig, Rathmines, Dublin.



The Pot Bellied Pig won best café design at the 2018 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

To see more photos find out further details of the Pot Bellied Pig, head over to our Pot Bellied Pig Project page.



Inspiration: Tile-Lovin Interiors

There is an undeniable trend for tiles in the world of interiors today.

At KLD we are slightly addicted to tiling for their incredible ability to transform a space with pattern and colour.

Cafes, restaurants and hotels are using tiles in clever and creative ways in the design of their spaces and improvement of the overall customer experience.

Here are some gorgeous spaces using tiling in innovative and interesting ways.


We love the use of floor tiles in different shapes and styles to differentiate the kitchen space in an open plan restaurant.


Another interesting way to use tiles is to play around with conventional ideas, we love how here a simple mosaic tile  is contrasted with a tile more usually associated with roofs.


Don’t be afraid to use different materials and shapes in commercial spaces.  The mixture of manila rope and a strong patterned tile create a laid back and fun feeling with the bar as the center piece.


Using a a faded patterned tile in a complementary colour to the concrete walls here is a clever way to soften a stark industrial design.


We love the use of a wooden tile in a herringbone pattern on the walls, again a style more usually associated with flooring,  as an innovative way of adding warmth and variety to the space.


As always we love the use of a prominent block of a geometric pattern to enhance a space!!


For smaller spaces, coloured and reflective tiles can bounce light to create the feeling of space and light.


We love the idea of making use of the tiling in a practical way by writing directly on the wall.


You cannot go wrong with the use subway tiles, a tile that has been around since 1904, which are always a classic for a clean and simplistic look that never goes out of style.


We are in love with the idea of using different sizes and patterns in fun and playful colours to reflect the personality of a given commercial space.


Or changing it up with a beautiful 3D leather tile for adding texture…


We love the idea of the wooden floor tiles being continued on to the walls of this cafe for a clean slate to enhance the focal point of the space of the counter which immediately catches the eye.


And finally sometimes more is more…if you are feeling particularly brave try tiling an entire room, ceiling and all!!

Inspiration: Captivating Cafes

Coffee culture in Ireland has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Parallel to our increasing appreciation for good coffee we are now far more engaged with cafe design and the overall coffee consuming experience.

The truth is coffee and design are massively interlinked. Coffees have become works of art and so too are the places where we consume our caffeine.

There is a challenge within design to bring design in and make it relevant without creating a space that is style over substance.

We believe that through powerful collaborations with experts across the coffee industry captivating spaces are created. By bringing together people who know their industry and people who are passionate about their industry a very powerful, prominent space can be created.

We view our role in design to be visual storytellers. As such, we get a full understanding of every aspect of a brand – the personality, the ethos, company values and missions. By pulling all of this information together we can create a space that tells the brand story.

Clever, considered design will make the space more engaging. It will tell each and every person that enters the space about the brand and the brand’s message.

For us everything from menu font choice to light fittings is an integral part of the process. Every detail is a chance to further tell the story and impact customers.

Here we’ve rounded up some captivating cafes from across the globe. These places are an experience for the customer from beginning to end, every part of the process from entering the space, to the presentation of your coffee to paying your bill are carefully considered.

And the result is spaces with impact. Spaces that stay at the forefront of our minds. And brands that come to life through a meticulously curated story.




@Proti Proudu Bistro


@Lily of the Valley, Paris


@Portrait, The Netherlands


@Pan y Pasteles, Madrid


@Shugaa, Thailand


@Molocle, London


@Las Canitas, Buenos Aires


@Sketch, London
































@Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Paper installation for pop up cafe
This installation was for the community centre Urban Junction in Blackrock. It was a pop up cafe for their annual fair – Mayfair 2011. The budget was really low for the event which is why we chose to use paper as the main material. The paper cones created an ominous, slightly haunting space within the listed old church interior. The ceiling was suspended down from the wooden beams and we put up a partition wall to house the back cones. The colour white calmed down all the surrounding hustle and bustle and gave the visitors and customers something to focus on and look at as they enjoyed their coffees and crepes.