Stop the Press: KLD Interiors in International Takeover

The end of 2019 and the start of 2020 has seen KLD reach new heights in terms of our projects featuring in the world’s leading Interior design magazines.


Elle Decoration was always a career goal and highlight and earlier in 2019, in July to be specific, our Bolton Coach House Residence featured in Elle Decoration Netherlands. To say this was a dream come true would be an understatement.


Elle Decoration Netherlands Cover
Our Bolton Coach house featured in Elle Decoration Netherlands in 2019


Later in the year however we got the amazing news that our Bushfield project would feature in the UK version of Elle Decoration. This is truly a career high, it has always been a goal to reach the best in interiors magazines and we figure Elle Decoration is it.


Elle Decoration UK Cover
Our Bushfield Residence featured in the January 2020 edition of Elle Decoration UK


But our beautiful Bushfield residence didn’t just stop there. The amazing Marie Claire Maison in Italy featured the design in its December 2019/January 2020 issue. Once again a true hounour and we are genuinely blown away by the reception that our Bushfield Residence design has got.


Marie Claire Maison Cover
Bushfield Residence featured in the December 2019/January 2020 edition of Marie Claire Maison Italy


However we didn’t stop there. Livingetc also featured our already global Bolton Coach House project in their January 2020 edition.

Livingetc Cover
Bolton Coach House featured in the February edition of Livingetc


Bolton had made its international debut earlier in the year when it featured in Vogue Living Australia

Vogue Australia Cover
Vogue Living Australia featuring our Bolton Coach House Design in March/April 2019


Hot off the Press

Not to be outdone, the wonderful Donnybrook Residence has followed in hot pursuit, featuring in the March 2020 Livingetc. So hot off the press we haven’t a pdf yet but it is in the shops right now so go and treat yourself.


Livingetc Cover March 2020
Our Donnybrook Residence features in the March 2020 edition of Livingetc


And finally, we are very proud of this one, our Ravensdale project which features in Ireland’s own  Image Interiors and Living magazine in their Jan/Feb 2020 edition, which is in the stores now.


Image Interiors & Living
Our Ravensdale Residence is featured in the Jan/Feb 2020 edition of Image Interiors & Living



An incredible start to the year, we look forward to what the rest of 2020 has in store.



Bolton Coach House: Before and After Video

Our beautiful Bolton Coach House has charmed interiors lovers across the world.


Take a look at the before and after video below.



Bolton Coach House has appeared in:


Check out the Bolton Coach House project page for project information and photographs.

Worth the Wait to Get it Right by Róisín Lafferty

In our modern world with the advent of technology, people want things yesterday. There is a growing expectation for immediacy across the board. The more technology advances, the less patient we become. This creates a whole other set of issues and potentially lethal narratives.

Working across both commercial and residential sectors within construction, I can safely say that the same pitfalls and issues arise across the board. Taking on board learnings and common issues faced during commercial and residential construction, I want to highlight where it is worth slowing down and taking your time to avoid the long-term impact of poor, rushed decisions that will haunt you for years to come in this fast paced industry.

1. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Layout and configuration are arguably the most important aspect of the interior of any building. It stands to reason that taking time to critically assess the requirements, wants and needs to ensure the layout best reflects them is extremely beneficial. Often this process can be rushed in order to get works started on the ground. However, it is worth spending an additional month or two analysing and tweaking this with the design team prior to detailing or beginning any construction works.

Tiered Landscape design with integrated bench seating by KLD. Photographed by Barbara Corsico.


2. “The details are not the details, they make the design” – Charles Eames

A lot of the beauty of a finished space is in the selection of materials, finishes and fittings. Depending on how long a construction stage is, this can be over looked and rushed, with seemingly endless decisions needing to be made. No one wants to be responsible for delaying a project and with so many decisions need to be made along the way, it can be daunting. My advice would be to take the time to decide what you want and request a timeline from the contractor setting out when decisions need to be made.

Bolton Coach House table and chairs
Dining detail with bespoke glazed and metal screens by KLD. Reupholstered teak Mohler chairs from vintage hub. Photographed by Barbara Corsico


3. “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”

Even with the best design team and architectural drawings, any build is heavily reliant on the skilled contractors and trades implementing them. It is crucial to get this right and to appoint the right team for your project. Make sure to get recommendations from experienced experts, as well as seeing completed works and speaking to previous clients before appointing trades to carry out your work.

Huguenot House St Stephen's Green Penthouse
Clean and sharp material transition details from marble to timber. Photographed by Barbara Corsico.


4. “We live in a culture full of hares; but the tortoise always wins”

Skill and craftmanship is slow and steady, much like the tortoise. Quality takes time. Shortcuts are shortcuts. If you want the best result, it is worth waiting for. Countless times, this is ignored, and a high-end design is put at risk and often accidentally sabotaged by overpromising teams that have overlooked the detail involved.

Marianella Penthouse
Walnut custom study design with cantilevered desk detail by KLD for Marianella Cairn Homes. Photographed by Ruth Maria Murphy


5. “Buy less, choose well and make it last” – Vivienne Westwood

When planning the key items for your home or commercial project, try to have a reason for every single thing. In the words of William Morris “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”
Less is more and sometimes investing in one item that you will love for years to come is more worthwhile than cluttering up your space with fleeting trends.


Bolton Coach house hall
Coachhouse hallway with KLD brass mirrors, skirting and marble tiles. Photographed by Barbara Corsico


6. “Keep calm, Christmas is around the corner”

Construction has many pressures, but Christmas looming is one of the biggest.
If you are not in by the end of October, accept that being in for Christmas may not be an option. It is an extremely emotionally charged time for people, adding a construction project to the mix only increases tensions and stress levels.

In general, for your own sanity and peace of mind, add in a couple of weeks to your estimated timeline to avoid starting off on a negative footing in your new space. After investing your hard-earned time and money into a construction project, the end goal should always be excitement and happiness!


Bolton Coach House Living Room
Bolton Coach House Living Room Detail: Coffee table from Vintage Hub with mid-century velvet sofa from Photographed by Barbara Corsico.


To sum up, it is undoubtedly worth the time and effort to slow down and take your time with your construction project. As with most things in life, to achieve the best result takes careful consideration, planning and strategic implementation. Try not to lose sight of the overall vision along the way and it will all pay off!


This blog post is an edited version of an article first written by Róisín for The Sunday Business Post on 17 March 2019. Click here to view the full article in its entirety.

Architectural Digest Italy March 2019

Our Bolton Coach House Project just keeps on giving. It gives us great pleasure to announce that we are featured in the March 2019 edition of Architectural Digest in Italy.


Architectural Design Cover

We are once again over the moon to appear in such a distinguished magazine and that Italian audiences get to see Irish Interior Design right up there with the best in the world

Irish Designers taking over the World


Bolton Coach House is an historic Coach House building. We were commissioned to reimagine the interior architecture of the existing building, incorporating a new contemporary extension and exterior terraces and garden. The new design combines and juxtaposes the old and new buildings as one interesting and exciting multi-level, unique space.

Beautiful detail at Bolton Coach House


The existing coach house is brimming with character, charm and original detail so we opted to maximise this with the design. We deliberately created interesting spaces, nooks and crannies, contrasting the old building with a juxtaposing minimal and streamlined extension design.

Living area
Adding the Avant Garde


Bolton Coach House Bedroom
Bolton Coach House Bedroom


Beautiful Detail at Bolton Coach House
Beautiful Detail at Bolton Coach House


The beautiful outdoors kld Bolton Coach House
The beautiful outdoors

To say we are proud is an understatement. We are proud and humbled at this little gem’s success. We cannot wait to get our hands on this magazine and share the full article with you. Watch this space.

Once again, our deepest and sincerest thanks goes to photographer, collaborator and friend Barbara Corsico for not only taking the most beautiful photographs but for also championing this wonderful project with the powers that be.

Earlier this year, the Bolton Coach House Project was also featured in Australian Vogue Living magazine.

Our Bolton Coach House project was also shortlisted for best domestic interior at the Irish Design Institute Awards 2019.


Vogue Australia: Bolton Coach House Project

To say we are over the moon to be featured in Australian Vogue with our Bolton Coach House Project would be an understatement.


March/April 2019 Vogue Australia Cover
March/April 2019 Vogue Australia Cover


It is literally a dream come true to be featured in the print edition of the magazine that is beloved around the world.




Bolton Coach House is an historic Coach House building. We were commissioned to reimagine the interior architecture of the existing building, incorporating a new contemporary extension and exterior terraces and garden. The new design combines and juxtaposes the old and new buildings as one interesting and exciting multi-level, unique space.

Bolton Coach House was also shortlisted for best domestic Interior at the 2018 IDI Awards.

Photos by Barbara Corsico

You find out more about the project here