How to… Playful Planting

Bringing the exterior in…

Over the last few years bringing your interior out to your garden to create an additional ‘exterior room’ has been a big trend.

This year the trend is being flipped on it’s head. Why not bring the natural element of planting into your home with some playful planting?

The fresh and vibrant feel planting brings to interiors not only brightens up the place during these dark, dull months but also has a positive impact on your mood and productivity.

Playful planting in our Ranelagh Residence – Use furniture pieces as planters for fun displays.

If like many of us you are not blessed with ‘Green Fingers’, don’t worry! There is an amazing selection of artificial plant on the market. Layering these with a couple of real plants will give the authentic feel you are looking for without all the hard work.

Playful planting in our Wicklow Residence – Use planing in front of windows with exterior planing to blur the lines between your home and your garden

We love using an eclectic mix of different plants; cacti, succulents, ferns and bamboo to add depth and texture to our planting.

The rich mix of greens with pops of colour, add drama to a space creating a focal point in the room with the organic shapes lending themselves to a new form of art work for your home.

Planed wall
Planed wall

Get creative and think outside the box when it comes to planters, just like in your garden this is a great opportunity to make a bold impact. One off pieces of furniture can make a great home for some of your plants.

Or if your looking for a strong statement, create a full wall of planting with tired cladding, or a fully shelves wall with greenery cascading down it.


1. Layer different types of plants

2. Play with scale to make planting more interesting

3. Think outside the box when choosing planters

Get your real greenery at Woodie’s and artificial goods at Urban Plant Life!

Playful planting in our Smithfield Residence – Use planting in front of mirrors for extra impact!