Restaurant Design, Eathos Baggot Street

Restaurant Design, Eathos….

We were delighted to be brought in to help with the restaurant design of new Baggot Street restaurant, Eathos.

Restaurant Design, Eathos
A pop of red over the coffee bar

The restaurant design at Eathos is fully focused on it’s clean and healthy menu. The aesthetic within is minimal and sleek with clean lines and a neutral colour palette. The food adds drama and texture to the space. The vibrant colours of the fresh, healthy foods add strong pops of colour creating both visual and tasty delights!

The key branding colours are bright red. We sought to reflect this subtly within the restaurant and chose similar red Panton pendants to break up the white over the 3fe coffee bar.



Restaurant Design, Eathos
The delicious desserts are showcased invitingly in the window!


Restaurant Design, Eathos
Sleek minimal wall cladding defines the outdoor dining space

We worked with the team on the finishing touches of the design and on the outdoor area. The hidden outdoor area provides a sheltered, calming outdoor escape great to unwind or have a private party. All sides are clad in contemporary timber panels to provide shelter as well as creating a clean and minimal backdrop.

The team at Eathos are dedicated and passionate about food, their friendly serving staff and highly trained and innovative chefs offer you a well designed menu of creative flavours and first class ingredients. Eathos is all about quality ingredients and simplicity in both design and recipes.10995347_1598537270414056_4638724333702784843_n


Stacked salads add colour and texture to the white background


The team here at KLD were very excited to pop down to Eathos for some lunch when they opened, where we enjoyed a delicious array of bright, colourful, healthy foods. Our favourites on the day were the organic salmon with red pepper, hazelnut and lemon salsa and curried cauliflower and the Turkey and courgette kaftas with spring onion and cumin and the broccoli salad with garlic and chilli. As well as an amazing selection of desserts, we couldn’t possible choose our favourite!



‘From passion to plate, that’s Eathos!’

Make sure to pop in and check it out.