‘How to’….Wild Flower Bouquets

Create a beautiful in season Irish wild flower bouquet…


We are thinking all things flowers this week with the sunny weather (spells) and the launch of Super Garden on RTE1.

We here at KLD adore wild flower bouquets,  with each bouquet unique with it’s natural beauty and a touch of rustic elegance.

The experts at Appassionata flowers recently created a stunning wild flower bouquet for us for a photoshoot and it got us thinking on how to recreate this using in season Irish wild flowers which are right on our doorsteps.

The gorgeous wild flower bouquet from Appassionata Flowers.

There is a great website called wild flowers of Ireland which keeps you up to date on flowers which are in season at the moment. We have picked some of our favourites from here  that are currently in season to create your own wild flower bouquet.


Cowslip – A yellow-orange flower which has been noticeably absent for sometime but thankfully is making a come back. It can be found on roadsides and pastures.

Bluebell – Purple-blue in colour these are one of the most beautiful sights we see in our woodlands and over grassy banks. They can be found from April onwards each year.

Fringe Cups – These greenish-white flowers are beautiful fragrant flowers which flower in April and May. They are most unusual long steamed flowers which can grow up to 800mm high.

Fumaria Muralis – A tubular pink flower which is commonly found and seen as a garden weed. These flowers are a beautiful shade of pink with deep purple tips.

Summer Snowflake – A snow-white bell shaped flower which seems to hide in clusters in the shade of damp, riverside meadows. The summer snowflake flowers in April – May.

Marsh Violet – A five  heart-shaped petaled flower which is lilac in colour blooms in Ireland from April through to July. It can grow up to 150mm high and can be found throughout Ireland in acid blogs, marshy ground and damp woodlands.

Common Mouse-ear – A small white flower with a green stem which flowers from April to November. The Common Mouse-ear is frequently found on roadsides, disturbed ground and gardens.




  • Choose a range of weedy long steamed greens to mix in with the flowers, this will bulk out the bouquet and give it that wild unique look.
  • Try to find nice bright coloured flowers like yellows and pinks, this will make the bouquet pop with colour.
  • If you prefer to leave it up to the experts we would highly recommend Appassionata flowers for all your flowering needs







My Summer of Design & Architecture

By Celcelia Batista

Hello everyone! My name is Cecilia and I am currently an Interior Design student at Colorado State University in America. I have been studying interior design for 3 years and only have 1 more year to go before going out to the real world. But before that happens, I wanted to get some on-hands experience in the interior design and architecture field.

I have had the opportunity to intern at Kingston Lafferty Design, in Dublin, Ireland. Coming across the world for an internship was something that I never imagined myself doing, but now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Working with the team, at Kingston Lafferty Design, has taught me more than I could have bargained for. They have taught me how to bring the information and skills I learned in school and apply it to everyday working life. I love their unique style and all the interesting work that they do! It truly is incredible.

I have been spending the past 8 weeks learning so much about the ins and outs of this industry that I am looking forward to applying my knowledge to my last year in school as well to my future adventures in this industry. After pursuing my interior design degree, I plan on expanding my education and getting a master’s degree in architecture.

My interest for architecture can be tracked back to the days I used to live in Brazil. I remember my mom would take me to the beach every morning and I could sit there for hours playing with the sand. Of course, all the other kids played with sand, but she always mentioned how I could’ve stayed there all day building castles and other structures. Even when I was young, all I wanted to do was to create and explore new things.

My interest in architecture has brought me to research and find inspirations throughout the world. Looking into my culture, I found a talented Brazilian architect named Oscar Niemeyer. He has designed multiple buildings across the world, including the Ibirapuera Auditorium.

It is located in Sao Paulo, one of the biggest cities in Brazil. I have never been there, but now it is definitely on my list of places to visit. The auditorium has multiple functions as it can host events, concerts and other activities.


My Summer of Design & Architecture
Ibirapuera Auditorium (image source: easyvoyage.com)


There is a red feature piece that hangs over the main entrance of the building which acts as an architectural logo. I really enjoy this view of the building because it shows how big of an impact this beautiful architectural feature has to the building.

It shows the curves and how it stands out, welcoming people into the interior space. It makes a statement that catches a person’s eye from far away. The shape of this feature reminds me of a flowing river as it draws you down the stream, and into the building.


My Summer of Design & Architecture
Ibirapuera Auditorium; Source: wundeground.com


I admire how Niemeyer decided to make this door another focal point in the back of the building. He brought the same idea from the entrance of the building to the back. He could’ve made the door blend in with the rest of the building, but decided to make another statement.

My Summer of Design & Architecture
Ibirapuera Auditorium (image source: parueibirpuera.org)


I absolutely love how this opens into the outdoors. It creates an atmosphere that the performers can enjoy as well as the audience. Being able to use the stage both inside and outside is a great innovative way to utilize the space. I personally love outdoor concerts and it would be a dream if I could watch a performer here.

My Summer of Design & Architecture
Ibirapuera Auditorium (image source: wordpress.com)


The ribboning Niemeyer used in the interior shows how he brought the same idea from the outside to the inside. I enjoy how the curves are similar to the main entrance architecture feature and how the concept is also brought to the ramp used inside. The circular ramp isn’t only pleasing to the eye, but it allows one to be part of the art.

Great architects, like Oscar Niemeyer, are known for their uniqueness and daring designs. Niemeyer used abstract forms and curves to set his design apart from others. I personally have admired designers that aren’t afraid of expressing their ideas in ways others wouldn’t do. I love how Niemeyer is inspired by natural surrounds instead of manmade things.

One of his famous quotes is “I am not attracted to straight angles or to the straight line, hard and inflexible, created by man. I am attracted to free-flowing, sensual curves. The curves that I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuousness of its rivers, in the waves of the ocean, and on the body of the beloved woman. Curves make up the entire Universe, the curved Universe of Einstein”.

Oscar Niemeyer was a great architect that was invested in the cultural exploration aspect of architecture. Since I have been exposed to a variety of cultures, I have grown to appreciate the work of others as they are inspired by nature and the surrounds of their cultures.

In order to expand my knowledge of other cultures even more, I have been traveling to amazing places throughout Europe these past few weeks. From The Highlands of Scotland to the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, I have been able to admire the different architecture and their cultural influence. The architecture design and natural beauty of these cities are breath-taking and I couldn’t have imagined anything more!

Seeing these buildings for the first time made me feel like I had traveled to a different world. The detail put into these structures are amazing. From the paintings on the ceiling to the carved motifs on columns, it makes me wonder how much I have over looked things I see every day.

The architecture in Europe has such history and story that it makes me realize how much thought goes into these huge works of art. My summer of Design & Architecture has been wonderful!


My Summer of Design & Architecture
Buckingham Palace (image source: ukstudentlife.com)


The Buckingham Palace in London reminded me of the white house back in America. The size and the detail into each section of the building was amazing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get past the gate, but from where I was standing the building was beautiful, I couldn’t image the detail there is that is only visible close up.

My Summer of Design & Architecture
The Louvre (image source: wikipedia.com)


The Louvre in Paris was not the way I had imagined! I pictured it being a small museum inside the glass pyramid. When I first saw it, I couldn’t believe The Louvre wrapped around the courtyard and the pyramid was ONLY the entrance. The original building is over 60,600 square meters and I imagine it would take hours to admire the entire architecture and details of the interior and exterior. I enjoyed being able to walk through the halls and admiring the little things, if only I could’ve stayed longer! It must have been amazing to live in such a beautiful building.


My Summer of Design & Architecture
Scott Monument (image source: onlyinedinburgh.com)


The Scott Monument is an interesting gothic style structure. I got the opportunity to climb 287 steps to the top. The view of Edinburgh from the top was incredible. The structure itself had so much character. It has over 68 figures carved into the structure throughout, including Scott himself.

The walk up to the top was interesting as the spiral staircase got narrower the higher you went, but it was definitely worth the tight squeeze to the top. Being able to touch the details at the top was one of my favorite things.


My Summer of Design & Architecture
Dublin Government Buildings (image source: coda.ie)


On my daily commute to work, I have the pleasure of going by one of the most beautiful buildings in Dublin, The Government Buildings. I haven’t been inside, but the exterior is amazing. The columns combined with the Iron Gate and the gold details makes the entrance of the building sophisticated and elegant while maintaining its character. If the outside is this beautiful, I couldn’t imagine how amazing it is inside.

Living in a place where there is so much history and architecture, sometimes it’s easy to take it for granted. Even living in Dublin for the past 8 weeks, I have noticed that I no longer look at my surroundings like I did when I first arrived.

Walking down O’Connell Street used to make me speechless but now I don’t notice the amazing architecture surrounding me. Sometimes we all need a little reminder to look around us and to appreciate our culture and our surroundings.

Bye for now!