Completion at the Après-Ski @ I BELIEVE™ Christmas Village

With just a few hours left until the launch our trees were finally delivered. Thus, we were chopping and dragging pine trees like accomplished lumberjacks.

Setting up the trees across the space, some in buckets of sand, was a task that required endurance (which we certainly had).

Once placed, we gracefully draped our fairy lights across the pine branches as the final aspects of the bar were coming together. Hessian bows were wrapped around our present boxes and bulky logs filled into our massive wooden baskets.

Ivory candles filled our lanterns to complete the rustic mood.

A chorus of folks caroled with the lighting of the impressive Christmas tree down at the docks. Businesses took to their stands, displaying their diverse crafts and treats, including the irresistible wholesome goods by Eathos.

Our Après-ski pop-up bar successfully came together to be the Scandinavian winter dreamland we envisioned. We celebrated over mulled wine, basking in the ethereal noel ambiance of I BELIEVE.

Be sure to experience the jolly delight of a themed pop-up bar and spirited Christmas Village. It is an event that truly encapsulates the zest the holiday season.

Even book a table at Après-ski in advance! €15pp, no minimum booking. This includes:
+A private table for you and your mate(s)
+Personalised VIP “ski pass”
+A choice of drink from our aperitif selection on arrival
+Table service from our designated Chalet staff

Get down and get jovial in our raw and regal Nordic drinking hall at the chq Building. Open now until December 23rd.

Après-Ski Pop-up Bar – Work in progress 2

Midweek progress at the Après-Ski @ I BELIEVE™ Christmas Village

With just a day left until opening, the KLD team, essentially cliché busy elves, have been going nonstop out at the chq building for our Après-Ski pop-up bar. The spirit of the holidays is palpable: there is a great buzz around Georges Dock with all the setting up taking place, and will soon be open to the public who will fill it with merriment.

Obviously the bar has been a major focus. Chief of joinery, Stephen, has been spearheading this operation with his crew. Definitely foreseeing plenty of whiskey gingers to be concocted here upon completion.

Our 184 stool assembly task is finished and our tables have been placed according to our floor plan; they are more than ready to be occupied, so why not book a table in advance?

Becky and Aaron have been extending those limbs painting the town black, every stroke a work of pure perfection! Their next target is the DJ booth. I can hear the jingles already and they are so sonically pleasing.


A myriad of a lanterns, boxed in a Russian doll manner with three varying sizes, have been unveiled from their packaging. We were intrigued with the lantern inception and are looking forward to artfully distributing them.

Along with these rustic archaic lighting bits came lovely rope-handle glass jars and candles that will soon be lit within them. Just envision this dreamy illumination- it really ties together the ideal winter ambiance we all seek during this season.

We are awaiting the arrival of our trees and thus have begun crafting our endearing hessian bows that will drape over the pine branches intertwined with fairy lights. Do you smell that festive and soothing aroma filling the venue? I do.

Along with pine, we have lots of holly and foliage to form wreaths. Just some final touches and styling of our sheepskins, woolly blankets, and cozy cushions and the pop-up bar is good to go.

We are incredibly excited to be a part of this fantastical Christmas Village. And Christmas is just a month away! So come down to Après-ski, the wondrous pop-up Scandinavian alpine lodge, and marinate in the jolly Yuletide vibes over delectable appetizers and flavorsome beverages this opening weekend.

Après-Ski Pop-Up Bar – Work in progress

First day of work at the Apres-Ski Pop-up bar @ the I BELIEVE Christmas Market

So much preparation work to be done with all hands on deck! The focus today has been on clearing the space, collecting deliveries, organising, unpacking, and having Christmas fun.


Here is a look at the Après-ski pop up bar space on Monday morning, soon to be transformed into a Scandinavian wonderland open to all on Friday.


Protective carpet is being pulled back to expose the fantastic concrete floor below, while a steady flow of deliverymen arrive with early Christmas gifts for us all.

Like any Christmas morning, there is a fair share of unwrapping and complicated assembly to be done. Our first big delivery was our stools, 184 to be precise, each one to be individually put together by our drafted in team. With motivation (and Christmas tune or two), the team chipped away at dozens of stools and without knowing it, we were almost done.


With Tuesday came more deliveries to our Christmas village site. Holly, sheepskins, mirrors, and these fabulous wooden animal heads we are infatuated with.

Killian, Becky and Dax posted up with some of the 184 stools.

Two more days until the Christmas season celebrations kick off at the Après-ski pop-up bar and its Scandinavian atmosphere.

We wish you a Merry Scandinavian Christmas

Christmas is around the corner!

Some of you might have started Christmas shopping for friends and family or started thinking about decorating the house, garden, and most essentially, the Christmas tree. And what represents Christmas better than Scandinavia, snowy mountains, vast white landscapes, Santa and his Christmas elves?

So why not try something different this year and go for a Scandinavian inspired Christmas. Trade your traditional red and gold baubles for white ones and pine cones. Add some white candles to illuminate the room. Use cardboard or paper animal heads to have a chalet-like atmosphere.

We are currently working on the Après-Ski pop up bar at the I Believe Christmas Market in Dublin. It is an invitation to travel to Lapland with exposed wood, sheepskins throws, Christmas trees, and of course Scandinavian inspired designs.

Check out out latest pinterest board, it is time to go Christmas shopping!