Interiors Trends We’re Most Looking Forward to in 2017

With the beginning of a new year comes a new season of design shows and the emerging homeware trends that will prevail in the year and even years ahead.

We are already seeing countless reports exploring what will be hot for the season ahead. And while we take trends with a little pinch of salt, we can’t help but get excited about a few trends experts are predicting to be big this year.


Following Pantone’s announcement of Greenery as the colour of the year things have been getting very green. Led by the vibrant, powerful shade, tones of green are likely to take center stage in the interiors world this year and we couldn’t be happier! We’re dreaming of overflowing botanical spaces, filled with planting, opulence and striking architectural detail.



The new material making an impression on the world of design is cork. Although marble will hold its ground as a key material in the year ahead, expect to see a lot of interesting and clever uses of this economically friendly material.



Florals will make way this year for butterfly prints bringing an alternative feminine touch from the natural world to design schemes. These feminine insects will flutter there way into prints and patterns, albeit quite possibly in an abstract style.


Pattern mixing

Trends from the fashion world often ripple into interiors and pattern mixing is something the fashion world has embraced in recent seasons. This trend is one we are certainly no strangers to – as pattern, tile and textile lovers we often find that ‘more is more’ and layering patterns and textures of different varities can produce some spectacular results. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing where this trend will go!



Every year there is a new metal in town and although we can’t quite tear ourselves from the classic, timelessness of brass it seems bronze is on the agenda this year. With the rich, warm tones of its mother material, copper and the subdued elegance we love of brass, we think this trend could have some seriously beautiful results!


Innovative Lighting

We’re all about a good statement light at KLD, so its very exciting to read the predictions for intricate, innovative lighting schemes that marry advancing lighting technology with beautiful, detailed lighting design.



Pushing boundaries, even more, we have looked at the Dulux’s colour trends for 2017. Particularly the Chroma range has caught our eye.

Post-modern references have been very much spot on for the last few years being very colourful and design driven. Striking colour combination, highly chromatic, playful and imaginative concepts full of colour layering and illusion were the basis behind the Dulux Chroma range. Colour blocking, in particular, seems to have a strong comeback in 2017.

The See Sight colour is not one of the most obvious colour choices from the Chroma range as it can appear quite overbearing. Sea Sight colour is very summery, immediately brightening up the room when used in the space.

Painting the walls or ceilings half way through, in bold geometric patterns or in combination with monochrome outlines will guarantee a bold statement.

To push the boundaries even further, quirky furniture, accessories and lighting will complement the scheme to enhance the overall concept. Adding block colours to otherwise plain pieces will immediately add personality to an old and tired joinery or furniture items.

We love working with DULUX colours due to their wide range of colour choices.

Our favourite  DULUX range similar to DULUX Sea Sight are DULUX 89BG37/353 & DULUX 98BG26/393.



DULUX 89BG37/353 & DULUX 98BG26/393



The sea sight colour works really nicely on partly painted walls not to overbear the space entirely.

The main reason why we are focusing on this colour range is the fact that Sea Sight colour fits well into the concept of colour blocking. A combination of blocks of  saturated colours alongside with softer greyer tones create intriguing and eye-catching interior spaces.

Updating the cupboard doors by painting blocks of saturated colour in an organised pattern will add a personality to an ordinary item. Be bold and brave and the end result will be a guaranteed success.


Partly painted wall in Dulux Sea Sight colour


Geometric feature wall