20 Questions: Moya, KLD Designer

A year into the company, Moya heads up the Marketing & PR for KLD, as well as our managing Create by KLD, our masterclass consultation service where she shares her extensive design knowledge on how to update your home. She’s got a natural flair for all things pretty, as seen through her dreamy interiors blog designology.ie, and is a dab hand at making beautiful baked goods!

1. What could you not live without? Fresh flowers,  they can be an instant mood lifter and a great everyday way to decorate a room.

pink white flowers designology.ie

2. Where would be your ideal weekend break? At the moment its probably a city break to Copenhagen which is on my travel list for 2017. As a bit of a foodie and of course with an interest in design the city, with all its stylish cafes and boutiques really appeals to me at the moment. I’m also a little bit obsessed with all things Scandinavian

3. Who would you turn to in a time of need? My family and my boyfriend, Andrew.

4. What inspired you to set up your blog, Designology.ie?  I had been reading a lot of interiors blogs in the UK and America and was really inspired by them. However, I always found that the suppliers and pieces they featured were largely unavailable to me so I wanted to set up a blog with more of an Irish relevance. I have always loved styling and interiors and after seeing some really beautiful blogs across the world I really wanted to try it out myself. Its the perfect creative outlet for me to experiment and express myself.

irish interiors lfestyle blog

5. What is your favourite thing to write about? Anything interiors really but probably the home tours are one of the most enjoyable as an overall process. Its so nice to be welcomed into someone’s home and to see how they put their creative flare to use in their own space. Writing these pieces pretty much flows out of you because you leave on such a high after engaging with like minded people who are just really inspiring.

6. Your favourite gadget or app? Pinterest, I’m a pin-aholic!

7. What’s on your bucket list? To design and build my own house is probably my main bucket list dream.

8. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Creative, pragmatic and friendly.

9. What is your favourite saying? ‘You can’t use up creativity, the more you use the more you have’ – Maya Angelou

10. Favourite place to eat in Dublin? Forest Avenue – the menu is clean and elegant and everything from the ceramics to the simple, rustic decor is brought together so well.

forest avenue

11. Who would you happily be stranded on a dessert island with? Michael McIntyre – at least you’d be laughing!

12. How would you describe your family? Very close-knit.

13. What would be your number one design tip? Start with a blank canvas you love, details like beautiful paneling, architraves and cornices are always a great starting point.

14. How would you describe your style? I love well cut, structured clothes but at the same time the feminine side of me loves a big frill.

15. Favourite hotel in the world? I haven’t been but The Grand Hotel in Stockholm looks beautiful – one day!

the grand hotel bedroom stockholm

16. Favourite thing about design?  The fact that it is so tangible – the excitement of creating something really special and seeing it become a reality is hard to beat.

17. Best place in Ireland to visit? I love exploring Ireland but have a particular soft spot for the west. I have family in Westport in Mayo which will always be one of my favourite places to visit. 

18. What’s in your handbag? Aside from the usual and the clutter of receipts, a mini hair brush, Jo Loves Pomelo perfume, vitamins, about 3 pens and a mini notebook.

19. What’s your favourite movie? Notting Hill

20. What’s on your to-do list for 2017? A few exciting projects with KLD, trips to Copenhagen, Iceland hopefully and definitely a stay in a bubble dome under the stars in Finn Lough.finn lough bubble tent

20 Questions: Amy, KLD Interior Architect

Amy is an Interior Architect on the KLD team and has been with the company since Oct 2015. With a mind for details, dimensions and computer shortcuts, Amy is in many ways the KLD mother figure, always helping steer ship and guiding the team. Her adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors is immediately apparent and some might even say contagious!

1. What could you not live without? 

A Sea View.

2. Where would be your ideal weekend break?

Wild camping on the west coast of Ireland.


3.  Who would you turn to in a time of need? 

My Dad, always! He’s my champ (and on every emergency contact form ever).


4. What inspires you? 

People who set their dreams as their goals and go after them NOW, not later.

5. Your favourite gadget or app? 

Google maps is my constant love-hate companion.

6. What’s on your bucket list? 

Buy a little van, convert it into a camper and take a wee break to travel around Europe seeking inspiration (and rock climbing).


(Photos from van.crush on instagram, I’m obsessed!)

7. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? 

A Problem Solver.

8. What is your favourite saying? 

You only live once, so live now.

9. When did you realise you wanted to be an architect?

I grew up granddaughter to a QS and daughter to a contractor, some might say it’s in the blood…I call it early age conditioning! But on a heartfelt note, architecture is the perfect marriage of boundless creativity and practical problem solving – that is just me to the core. It’s a vocation and one I could never imagine wanting to leave.

10. How would you describe your family? 

Loving, outdoorsy, hilarious. They are my ideal people, wouldn’t swap them for anything!


11. What would be your number one design tip? 

Nothing is forever so go with your gut and make that change!

12. How would you describe your style? 

Simple shapes, earthy tones, soft textures with a standout piece of jewelry – loving brassy tones and bold shapes at the moment!

13. Favourite place to eat in Dublin?

 Breakfast at BiBi’s Cafe, the turkish eggs are a real game changer, no other brunch can now compare! I’m ruined.


14. Favourite hotel in the world?

I’m hoping Delphi Lodge in Connemara is about to become my fav! I have a weekend trip coming up soon and cannot wait to visit this beautiful place.


15. Favourite thing about design?  

That it can come entirely from within, giving the most incredible feeling when you pull together all the little parts to create a beautiful whole. There is a satisfaction in designing and seeing it become a reality that can’t be topped.

16. Favourite bar in Dublin? 

Fallons is my local and I love nothing better than going with my flatmates for a hot whiskey and several packets of tayto, squished into the front booth. Its authentic and that’s all it needs to be.

17. What’s in your handbag? 

All the important things; hand cream, nail file, mini mirror, tiny useless hairbrush, five million bobbiepins and a front pocket full of receipts that “I’ll file away”. Someday.

18. What’s your favourite movie?

Moonrise Kingdom for the romantic idealist in me…Deadpool for the tear-streaked-face-from-laughing me.

19. What’s your stress reliever? 

Rock climbing with pals after a day of work is the absolute cure for tiredness/stress/ general ennui. At weekends it brings me to my favourite outdoor places were you can just breathe again.


20. What’s on your to-do list for 2017? 

Open Pot Bellied Pig Cafe for our lovely client Lema and then… buy that van! Dreams are for now, and I’d best get on it.


20 Questions: Lauren, Designer @ KLD

Lauren joined the KLD team in January 2016 while completing a degree in Interior Architecture in DIT.  Now fully qualified and a full time member of the team, Lauren has been a shining light of sheer style, enthusiasm and fun in the group. And as the year comes to a close for the whole team, it seems especially fitting to get to know Lauren a little better as she too reflects on a hugely successful year as part of the KLD team.

1. What could you not live without? Chocolate!

2. Where would be your ideal weekend break? Paris, I absolutely love Paris & to stay in Hotel Bachaumont designed by Dorothee Meilichzon, it’s one on my bucket list!

Located in Montorgueil, a central cobbled Parisian neighborhood complete with cafés, bistros and bars as well as French essentials like boulangeries, charcuteries and wine sellers, Hotel Bachaumont has reopened its doors (after 40 years) to welcome guests into its eclectically renovated embrace that both reflects its rich history as a century-old local hotspot and projects an aura of contemporary elegance and charm, thereby subtly encapsulating 21st century Paris.:  Hotel-Bachaumont-Paris-Dorothee-Meilichzon-design-Remodelista-3:

3.  Who would you turn to in a time of need? My mum – A girl always needs her Mum!


4. What inspires you? Travel inspires me mostly, seeing the different cultures, design inspirations, buildings etc I just love it!

5. Your favourite gadget or app? Hmmm.. Is it bad to say my phone? I can’t live without that. I’m also slightly addicted to Pinterest!

6. What’s on your bucket list? I have always wanted to go and do some charity work in an orphanage it’s something I have wanted to do since I was young – someday!

7. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Creative, organised & happy!

8. What is your favourite saying? Don’t really know – I’m not a huge person for sayings.

9. When did you realise you wanted to be an interior architect? I have always been creative since a young girl, always painting, making & designing different stuff – my mum was probably a big influence as she always had such an interest in interiors. Also my dad’s a photographer and I used watch him style sets growing up, so was born and bread to be creative!

10. How would you describe your family? Mum’s side – all bonkers (in a good way)! Dad’s side – Quiet! Makes a great balance.

11. What would be your number one design tip? Be brave – Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries, there is nothing more exciting than doing something that’s never been done before! Also layout… never underestimate the importance of the layout of a space.

12. How would you describe your style? Simple – My friends used to always call me Miss Sophisticated, constantly wearing black – my wardrobe is very much monochrome.

13. Favourite place to eat in Dublin? Myself & my boyfriend love Bunsen for a casual bite to eat mid-week, but Fade St Social by Dylan McGrath is my favourite ‘fancy’ spot.

14. Favourite hotel in the world? I have a lot of hotels on my bucket list that i’m yet to get to, so I feel I cant answer that just yet. My favourite get away hotel in Ireland is Mt Juliet, especially in the winter – it’s so cosy by the fire & they have bikes you can take to cycle around the estate!


15. Favourite thing about design?  A design of yours being brought to life – there is no better feeling than seeing your designs being brought to life it’s a real ‘go me’ moment!

16. Favourite bar in Dublin? The cocktails in the Vintage Cocktail Club are AMAZING – the whole experience is pretty awesome!

17. What’s in your handbag? I think the question is more what’s not in my handbag? Currently the contents of my handbag is: my wallet, gloves, hand cream, socks, loose change, bobby pins, sunglasses, a card for my friends birthday, sellotape, chewing gum, earphones, car keys, Coldplay tickets & the clamping fine I got the other week!!!

18. What’s your favourite movie? The Holiday.

19. What’s your stress reliever? Mondello track days in the Winter and jet-skiing in Killiney in the Summer!

pasted-image-at-2016_12_08-02_45-pm pasted-image-at-2016_12_08-02_45-pm-1

20. What’s on your wish list for Christmas 2016? I’m going to Warsaw in Poland on the 27th so looking forward to that, but a happy & healthy Christmas with my family & friends would be wonderful!

Castle Square in the Old Town of Warsaw, Poland during the #holidays:

20 Questions: Louise, Designer @ KLD & Founder of MintMag.ie

Louise is the newest recruit to the KLD team and we are over the moon to have her join our growing team of ladies! Having completed an Interior Design course, as well as founding her own online women’s magazine three years ago, not to mention heading up the design of her very own dream home on Mayo’s Clare Island, this impressive lady has drive, determination and buckets of creativity. As one of the newer recruits to the KLD team, we wanted to get to know the woman behind these many creative endeavors a little better,  so we asked her a couple of important questions…

1. What could you not live without? Food.

2. Where would be your ideal weekend break? The Europe Hotel, Kerry.


3.  Who would you turn to in a time of need? My best friends.

4. What inspires you? The places I travel to and the people I meet.

5. Your favourite gadget or app? My GoPro – for underwater and snowy fun.


6. What’s on your bucket list? To scuba-dive with whale sharks in Mozambique.

7. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Happy, creative, a dreamer.

8. What is your favourite saying? ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’, Ranulph Fiennes

9. When did you start MintMag.ie? September 2013. We ate a lot of cake to celebrate.


10. How would you describe MintMag.ie? A place for every woman to come for inspiration or a coffee break.

11. What would be your number one design tip? Be brave and personal.

12. How would you describe your style? Feminine, and a little country bumpkin.

13. Favourite place to eat in Dublin? Sophies @ The Dean – for the design, the view, and the wood fired pizza.

14. Favourite hotel in the world? Any one in the Soho House group.


15. Favourite thing about design? It’s expressive.

16. Favourite bar in Dublin? In the Winter, any where with a fire. In the Summer, the patio in Drury Buildings.

17. What’s in your handbag? iPhone, purse, Norwegian Formula hand cream & lip balm, tape measure and the keys to my Vespa.


18. What’s your favourite movie? Almost Famous.

19. What’s your stress reliever? A cup of tea wine.

20. What’s on your wish list for Christmas 2016? To finish the house i’m building on Clare Island, Co. Mayo.


MintMag.ie is an online women’s magazine sharing content on topics including interiors, fashion, beauty, food and health. With a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye from style, this online spot is a constant source of inspiration and ideas from Louise.