Super Garden 2014 – Episode 5

Episode 5

Top tips to re-create Cian’s garden:

1. Colour to expand space

Cian has used a green tone that links closely to the colour in the lawn and in the planting. This makes the garden seem even fuller and lush than it it. The colour tricks your eye into thinking the garden is bursting with plants! For those at home, continuing the colour on different surfaces and different levels in a space will give the impression of an extended space. It creates a ribboning type of effect where the walls merge with the floor, creating a seamless effect.

Ribboning can give a strong effect in the garden. Consider using a vibrant colour in the seating area. Paint the colour in a wide strip on the floor and continue it up the wall and onto the ceiling. It really gives a 3 dimensional quality to the space.

2. Strong Lines and Structures

Cian has used strong lines and prominent structures in his design, combined with a change of level. This has successfully distinguished the various areas in the garden. The strong lines work as effectively as soft curves and achieve a minimal and contemporary result. The strong lines clearly highlight the different garden zones.

Don’t be afraid to be brave with structure in your own garden. Different levels provide a more exciting space and make a small garden feel bigger. Raise planting beds or build structures that double as seating for maximum functionality.

3. Reclaimed Materials

Cian has successfully upcycled many reclaimed and old materials. This is a big trend at the moment both in interior and garden styling and design. It allows you to give new life to old and otherwise wasted objects. It also lets you bring

The main tips for upcycling in your garden are:

  1. Be creative
  2. Experiment – It is about looking at old items with new eyes
  3. Prepare – The most important thing is to prepare old items well so that they do not splinter or whether over time.
  4. Play with colour – use strong colours to create contrast and liven up the garden.