Super Garden 2014 – Episode 1

Supergarden episode 1 2014

Here are some of my key tips on recreating Emma-Janes garden from episode one…

1. Layering Colour
I would always recommend to layer tones of the same and similar colours to add depth, interest and texture to any space, whether interior or exterior spaces. Don’t be afraid to mix various tones, shades and tints of colours. Avoid trying to exactly match items within the space – it can result in the place looking flat and dull.
Emma-Jane used a soft mauve tone on her garden walls. The subtle hue worked fantastically to create a subtle, feminine feel in the space. Her choice of purple toned and white toned plants complimented the wall colour and provides that stunning layering technique. Choose a base colour that will make the planting stand out and act as a feature within the space.
Cuprinol colours such as Forest mushroom and willow work great on large wall spans.

2. Pop of Colour
Emma-Jane added fun to the outdoor space by painting furniture items in strong bold pops of colour. This is a great way of adding a fun element to the garden and is also a cost effective way to renew a tired and dated space. Emma revived an old rocking chair by painting it bright blue in cuprinol shade – Royal Peacock. I would recommend updating tired garden furniture with bright coloured paint. Paint each chair a slightly different tone for a creative result. Don’t be afraid to bring old indoor furniture outside and give it a new function. Strong and bright colours attract your eye into the space and create contrast and depth.
Cuprinol Mediterranean glaze is one of my personal favourites.

3. Organic Forms
Organic forms or curves work very well in small garden spaces. Gradual curves lead you through the space. It is important with any space, internally or externally, to create an exciting experience and journey within the space. The soft curves in Emma-Jane’s garden entice the user to walk right down into the garden. She has cleverly used sloped walls throughout too which exaggerate the curve even more. It is important when choosing a layout for your own garden, to try and be consistent. If the organic curves appeal to you, make sure to carry them through the entire garden so that the whole space works well together.