Steel it!

Black coated steel is a faultless way to add an industrial touch to your interiors.

Raw, sleek and yet refined, steel adds contrast and depth. It will juxtapose nicely with the softness of fabrics from a rug or a sofa, or with the warmth of a wooden floor.

You can use steel in a variety of ways. If you want to give an industrial artist workshop or a  compelling atmosphere, utilize a metal structure. It can be a sturdy spiral staircase, beams, or an impressive extension.

If lofty construction pieces scare you, you can also spice up your interior by accessorizing. Steel frames, lighting features, or furnishings are just as interesting.
Whatever method, steel will definitely command attention and make a bold statement.

We used steel by adding a metal spiral staircase in our Ranelagh Residence. Smithfield Residence is also another exemple of how we used steel in smaller touches.

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