Renova showroom – Work in progress

Kingston Lafferty Design have been working on quite a few other projects over the last few months as well as the house at Mount Pleasant Square. One of these is a showroom for newly branded company Renova. The company sets to provide a one stop shop for the deep retrofitting of existing residential properties. The idea is that they will improve your energy rating by installing all of the necessary technologies and appliances including new windows, ventilation systems, underfloor heating, internal and external insulation, to name but a few. 

They have teamed up with us at Kingston Lafferty Design so that we can work along side them to provide the customer with an updated design for their home, be it a simple kitchen refit right through to an overall new spatial layout and updated interior design, joinery design and material and furniture specifications. We are currently working hard on the showroom design and detailing. 

The showroom, which is located in Kilmacanogue (beside Avoca!) is undergoing construction at the moment. We have designed the layout of the space and are currently designing all of the joinery and choosing all of the finished, furniture and other items. It is very satisfying to see a project unfold so quickly. You can see some of the construction photos below, and finished photos will follow in the next couple of months.

A view into what will be the finishes station, walk in wardrobe and main bathroom
A view from the entrance into the kitchen area
Displays for counter top options and kitchen door options. Display works as a wall for the meeting room
View from kitchen into living area
Meeting room into office area. A glass partition will be fitted on the right
View to finishes station, walk in wardrobe and bathroom
second bathroom and corridor between kitchen
View into living room