Red is a warm and positive colour associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. It exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy. Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. Being the colour of physical movement, the colour red awakens our physical life force. It is the colour of sexuality and can stimulate deeper and more intimate passions in us, such as love on the positive side or revenge and anger on the negative side. It excites our emotions and inspires us into action. It grabs your attention and demands you to take notice, alerting you to danger.


Our favourite Red DULUX range:


Dulux Volcanic Splash 3 (19YR13/558), Dulux Thai Magic 1 (10YR16/407), Dulux Fire Cracker 2 (05YR15/555)


Variations of the colour red can be used for different purposes. Dulux Volcanic Splash 3 is not as dramatic as true red. We would recommend using it on key pieces of furniture. The scarlet shade of red can stimulate the appetite, often being used in restaurants for this purpose. It also increases craving for food and other stimuli. We would recommend using red on furniture and wall lights, accessories or items that repeat throughout the space. Colour blocking with Dulux Fire Cracker 2 and other energetic warm colours such as orange, pink can create a strong visual focal point. Use colour blocking throughout the whole space to multiply the desired effect. Being surrounded by too much of the colour red can cause us to become irritated and therefore it has to be used carefully. Dulux Thai Magic 1 is more a pink version of red that could be incorporated into interior where pastel colours are being used.