Nestled in the Barcelona hills, Casa Joly, a Spanish revival style holiday home was in need of a complete refurbishment. The young couple’s brief was to restore its former glory while also infusing minimalism, thereby steering clear of a complete replication of its past.

Our design was led by a handful of existing features like the sunken seating area, double height ceilings with original wooden beams, beautifully arched windows and most importantly the views to the surrounding mountains and Mediterranean sea, a  harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary was required. The end result is not another white washed holiday home but instead, it exudes the captivating glamour of the old-world Mediterranean, a true testament to its timelessness that we simply adore.


The Cobalt Townhouse is part of a development in a Victorian suburb of Dublin. The client wanted something truly showstopping, unexpected, a home that was more of a playhouse and an entertaining hub.

We needed to not think of this like a traditional house. Taking inspiration from installation abstract art. We looked at the space as a series of interjecting volumes, framing and zoning each space with bold, dominating materials and colours, hinging on the main element, the cobalt core, which diffuses a blue hue onto every level of the four story house. This residence was designed as a long term set, taking cues from the distortion, surprise and delight we experience at a funfair, hall of mirrors and framed stages.


The Malin is a US based shared workspace brand founded by Ciaran McGuigan who is also the creative director for Orior Furniture. Ciaran brought in KLD to help reimagine their upcoming branches and elevate the already stunning design.

The Palo Alto branch reflects the area it’s located in and the audience it serves. More than a typical co-working space a place to network and organise meetings. Using this angle to design a space that feels homely but with a hint of opulence. We took Materiality as the centre stage in the conceptual design, Luxurious and practical, warm but still office oriented. A juxtaposition of tonality and textures that creates a space that makes members feel empowered to do their best work.


The Malin is a US based shared workspaces brand founded by Ciaran McGuigan who is also the creative director for Orior, Furniture. Ciaran brought KLD in to help delineate their upcoming branches and elevate the already stunning design previously seen in completed projects.

The Nashville branch design is based its fast-paced location. Our design focus here was on practicality, we chose durable but exquisite materials. Retaining the feeling of a place away from home, the co-working space intends to maintain the building’s traditional elements such as existing columns, high ceilings and large windows and combine them with vibrant colour and material palettes that are designed to reflect the creativity of its members.