Paint it Black and White

Black and white interiors make a dramatic and bold statement.

They are the most basic colors on the chromatic scale as they are neutral and they work with any other tone, material or fabric. Yet combined together, they create a well-balanced and powerful environment. Monochrome brings contrast, and add depth and elegance.

Use a combination of black and white tiles to create a timeless and chic bathroom. Mix metal furniture with white fabrics and upholstery to add an industrial yet warm athmosphere to a living room. Add black sanitary ware to give a contemporary feeling to a bathroom and make it contrast with the white subway backsplash.

For our Ideal Home showhouse, we used black and white to design a quirky yet sophisticated kitchen using black timber and white subway tiles to frame it. We also used monochromes for the bathroom for a timeless interior.

Check our new black and white pinterest board and be inspired.