Mirror Mirror.. Inspiration

Mirrors are one of the magic interior design tools.

Most people know that a mirror can make an interior space feel bigger, but can still tend to overlook how much impact they can have.

We, at Kingston Lafferty Design, really appreciate the drama, mystery and brightness that can be achieved when mirrors are used correctly. To double the size of a room, fit mirror sheet directly to the wall. Run the mirror from floor to ceiling or from side to side without gaps. This will give the impression of a space continuing endlessly.

For more obvious drama and character in your interior, choose bevelled, antique mirror. Use a series of mirrors to cover a section of wall. This is a great way to add colour and also to reflect back key lights or paintings.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, think about using mirrored tiles on the ceiling in smaller rooms… a quirky touch that gives an Alice in Wonderland feel to the room!┬áHere is a selection of our mirror loves from our pinterest page. Check out our pinterest for lots more design inspiration

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