Marble delights

What material could be better than marble to add opulence and sophistication to your home?

Sleek and majestic, marble is easily recognisable due to its veins and swirls developing into unique and unrepeated patterns. As marble is extracted directly from the quarry, each slab is completely individual!

Why not use marble to define space and create an intimate zone by adding it to vast wall space or to ornate a shower. If you are afraid of using large slabs on their own as wall or floor coverings, think about marble tiles: the texture and composition will stand out and anchor a room.

For a more subtle feel, there is an array of contemporary marble accessories and furniture to be found. Adding details in the material will create the same effect but a smaller scale.

We are currently using Carrara Marble to create a sleek contemporary kitchen in the DFS, Ideal Homes Show House coming up on October 23rd in the RDS.

Check out pinterest board to get some inspiration !