London Restaurant Design Progress – Tootoomoo

Construction in our London restaurant design – Tootoomoo is coming along well. Opening date is the 19th of May so busy weekends ahead for the contractors on site! We have been over and back on site visits quite a bit recently to check on everything and we are delighted with the progress.

Shopfront design being fit on site
London Restaurant Tootoomoo new shop front being fitted on site

A lot of inspiration was  taken from the Singapore shop house style with reference to the panelling and shutter details that they are known for. We especially noted this style with the design of the shop front. Whetstone is a busy area and we wanted to entice people into the restaurant as much as possible with a clean view in from the street.

A lot of the joinery, caging and banquet seating was constructed in our Irish workshop and shipped over in the last week so the whole restaurant space is now taking shape!

Caging and bespoke bar detailing
Main bar and overhead caging being fit on site

As Tootoomoo is an existing restaurant brand, our main design challenge has been to refine the existing branding and overall brand message and create a restaurant design that still reflects their existing style but also brings something new and provides an enjoyable restaurant to their new and growing client base.  Tootoomoo is a lighthearted, colourful and playful brand with a strong emphasis on authentic Pan Asian street food. We took this on board with our colour palette, choice of materials and finishes and overall design style. Authentic ethnicity was a key concept of ours; we wanted to reference Asia and the Pan Asian culture but also take on board the London location. The main thing was to merge the two ideas well. Tootoomoo was first conceptualised and created by Jennings Design Studio, who went on to design the first restaurant in Crouch End.

Mixing patterned and monochrome tiles
Patterned tiles but against angled monochrome tiles at restaurant entrance


Distressed printed panelling
Distressed printed panelling adds colour and texture to the walls.
Patterned tiled walkway
Ribboning tiled walkway lead you from entrance into main dining area