Launch of CREATE by kld & Foxrock Christmas Pop-Up

Kingston Lafferty Design is delighted to announce the launch of their sister company CREATE by kld. CREATE by kld is a tailored design service where the customer is empowered to carry out their own interior designer.

There have always been a limited number of clients that KLD can serve with its high-end Interior Design service.  We learned that many more people are interested in investing in interior design advice to a less detailed degree and there is now demand in the wider marketplace for limited edition and curated interior design products. In response to this we have setup a new interior design service called CREATE by kld.


CREATE by kld provides the customer with the Kingston Lafferty Design tools and expertise to implement their own beautiful designs and transform their home. At the core of CREATE by kld is the belief that we are all inherently creative, we are all storytellers and given the right guidance we can tell our own stories and design our own homes with confidence.

We want to empower people to tell their own story and transform their homes. Everyone should love where they live.

KLD Creative Director Róisín Lafferty explains what CREATE by kld is all about:



Giving people some basic interior design acumen and encouraging their personality to shine through will ensure more originality, more variety and more personality in the homes we visit. Imagine CREATE by kld as a scaffolding, you use it to realise your vision, and on completion you take it down and your dream project will stand alone, beautiful and most importantly unique in its own right.

Kitchen Before



Kitchen After



Living Room Before



Living Room After


The service includes a tailored, one-on-one consultation experience in the home with one of our expert designers, moodboards, product selection, suppliers’ lists, samples, and a project management journal with the option of additional detailed drawings.

We have no doubt that as a nation of creative people and storytellers we are ready for this next evolution in interior design. We believe your home is your signature and it should stand out.

CREATE by kld is also the perfect gift and a gift voucher to this unique service is a gift that will keep giving all year round. Check out for further details.




Gift Vouchers available from


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We are also delighted to announce that CREATE by kld Christmas pop-up is now open at Brighton Cottages, Brighton Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18. Gift packages for CREATE by kld are available from our pop up shop and online.

CREATE by kld, Brighton Cottages, Foxrock Village


We are also selling  bespoke wooden Christmas decorations for sale with a percentage of the proceeds going to the LauraLynn Children’s Hospice.

The e-commerce side of CREATE by kld will be launching in early 2019. For daily, achievable interior inspiration, follow CREATE by kld on Instagram @createbykld.

Go to to find out more.

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