KLD Summer Family Day 2018

It’s that time of year again. The annual KLD Family Day, which is always a visit to a surprise location, took place last Saturday. And what a day it was. The location and activity is always a secret until the last minute and as it turns out beautiful Glendalough was our destination.

And what a day it was to go to Glendalough. The mercury hit 26°c in what was one of the sunniest and warmest days of the year. It felt like being in Italy and bathing in an Alpine lake on a warm sunny day. Ireland has never looked so good.

Armed with our bespoke lunch bags courtesy of Nita Oliveira catering, we took the short journey from the car-park to the beautiful Glendalough Upper Lake, where we met what can only be described as a rare vision.

In our summer of sun, what are usually the icy cold waters of this glacial lake have become welcoming tepid waters offering respite from the searing sun. We could not get our feet in fast enough braving the sharp stones to paddle in the cool water.



Keeping an eye on proceedings and embodying cuteness to the max was Harley.



After our paddle we played hula hoop, badminton, a volleyball, did yoga stretches, hand stands, cartwheels and some of us took shade under a tree.







We were then treated to a beautiful lunch at Wicklow Heather Restaurant in Laragh.


Thanks to everyone who made it happen. A glorious day, and a lovely day out for team KLD, their friends and family.


We will add more pics to this as we get them.