Our Process

Working closely with our clients we take a holistic approach, considering ALL aspects of the space and the client’s needs to create unique and personal spaces that stand out.  When you partner with KLD, we bring you on a journey from architectural survey and initial concept development right through to construction and styling.

The first stage of the process is the ‘’ideas’’ stage, the creative brainstorming to provide each client a unique design to match their brief. This stage forms the basis for the design throughout the process and at KLD we consider this the most important stage because all designs begin with the idea.

Unless a space is fully functional and creates an exciting experience for the user, it will not work. This overriding principle dictates all of KLD’s work.

Full Drawing Package

Our team of Designers will then provide you with a

  • full drawing package
  • technical drawings
  • specifications & sketches including materials, sanitary-ware, tiling, mirrors, joinery, finishes etc.
  • an instruction manual with everything the construction team will need to price and carry out the design.

At KLD we also source

  • products
  • furniture items
  • lighting
  • artwork 
  • any other items for the project based on the concepts and overall look stemming from the initial design proposal.

We provide a full procurement service for this process and look after ordering, deliveries and all associated logistics.

We also design bespoke furniture and built in joinery to enhance your home or commercial space. Each one of our uniquely designed pieces offer strong design features and beautiful finishes to maximise your space.

Throughout the construction process, KLD will work closely alongside the project team to oversee all the design details and ensure delivery is on time and on budget.


At the end of the project, KLD also provides a staging, styling & photoshoot service. This covers all the final details of completing the space, from laying out of furniture & styling shelves to arranging flowers and additional styling items required for a photoshoot, viewing or staging. We will work with a photographer on the day of the shoot to style the shots for marketing and promotional material for your company or brand.

We can also provide a full order and management service.

The following images include the moodboard, sketch, technical drawing and final render of the library bar at Iconic Offices Southpoint.






CAD Technical Drawing:


Full Render: