Inspiration: Designing Dining

The dining room space has evolved and changed from the traditional, formal space our ancestors used on a daily basis.

But have we reverted too far from the ceremony associated with dinners of the past? Could modern life benefit from some of the historical rituals used by those of bygone eras?

From the days of dining in the Great Hall , where members of the upper class would gather in large, stately homes to enjoy elaborate feasts  on a daily basis, it is clear that modern dining looks dramatically different.

Our behaviours will inform how we design dining spaces and in turn increase the likelihood they will become a functional space within the home. When it comes to designing dining, it is clear we can learn from behaviours both past and present.

As design has evolved the dining room has moved too. While the dining rooms of stately homes were usually located on a different floor level to the kitchen, nowadays we understand the necessity and functional advantages of having our dining rooms next to the kitchen.

By positioning the dining area beside the kitchen we facilitate the behaviours associated with cooking and dining, for the two processes are interlinked and so too must be the spaces where both take place.

Nowadays we understand that dining tables need to adapt. We no longer have important guests attend dinner every evening. Although we do enjoy occasions like Christmas and other gatherings with large crowds. As such many homes make use of an extendable dining room table that can adapt as their party size increases.

To make the most of our dining spaces today we need to be mindful of questions like who will use this space? What can be done to increase the likelihood that all the family will want to gather in this space and stay even after dinner is over to engage with each other?

Whether its incorporating comfortable seating, making the most of a beautiful view to enjoy as you eat or creating a space free of distractions from televisions and other screens, there are a lot of considerations but also countless ways you can make your dining space functional for both everyday dining and larger more formal gatherings.

Here are some beautiful dining room designs that get the balance right for all kinds of dining.