Inspiration: Dark Interiors

Dark interiors were previously something people steered well clear of.

In the world of interiors and architecture we were fed a steady stream of light flooded, bright, white homes. And as such this is what the majority of us want, or believe we want. Brightness and cool colour palettes were held in the highest esteem by virtually everyone in the world of design.

But not everyone doubted the beauty of dark interior spaces, enter one Abigail Ahern who has done wonders for the world of interiors by showing us that black within the home really can be beautiful.

Abigail Aherne started a dark revolution painting everything in sight (walls, skirting, architraves, doors and windows – you name it!) in dark, moody shades.

Taking a bold step that would terrify most people, Abigail created a  home both unique and daring, but also stunningly beautiful. Her bravery was rewarded and she has led a subtle revolution in the interior design world, with more and more of us adapting to her way of thinking and without doubt being totally inspired by her work.

The reason most people fear black and other dark shades within their homes is because a) it will make the space smaller and b) it will make the space duller.

The images below will show you just how effective dark shades can be and demonstrate that when used in the right ways, dark shades can be utterly spectacular.

Afraid they will make a space smaller? Don’t be. In fact if its a really small space like a toilet under the stairs, a dark shade will have all the more impact. The effect of dark shades in smaller rooms is that they make the space feel moody and cosy in an instant.

Using a gloss paint is a great way to pick up and bounce some of the light around the space and will lead to natural highlights within the space.

Are you convinced?