Ideal Home – Week 3 and it’s only hours until show time!

With the shell of our showhouse now complete, the final touches (the fun part!) have begun: decorating and styling. We have so many fun accessories and furniture pieces  for everyone to feast their eyes upon.

We are obsessed with the funky, beautiful, and eclectic pieces from April and the Bear. These items truly add both a funny and captivating element to our rooms.

Our rope corridor installation was quite the challenge! There was the mounting tension as the expected delivery time for the rope came and went, which was in no way eased on hearing it was because no courier wanted the job of lifting and delivering the immense weight of 150meters of thick rope…! A brave soul finally took on the task and our tonne sack of rope was delivered. Then the fun part of figuring out how to fix it to the walls…the whole team was drafted in to brainstorm the issue, partners were called to bring power tools, many curses at nails refusing to go through the rope until, finally, it worked! We’d like to think the end result was worth the pain. You can see for yourself and let us know!


All part of the ‘fun’! Claire sawing the entire 150 meters of rope into 4m lengths as per the design of the installation. Definitely felt some pirate vibes in the atmosphere during this process.

Our other tasks included table tiling, plastering, and hanging many stunning paintings and photographs by artists including Daniel Henson and Lola Donoghue; as well as styling some incredible antiques from Michael Duffy

All the family were drafted in to help out. Roisin’s brother Aaron, and partner Conor, working away to hang our stunning bespoke 1.6meter diameter mirror, no small task!

Roisin and Olyviane getting their creative hats on putting the finishing touches to our custom made ‘dining pod’, the quintessential room-within-a-room feature!

Our serene imagery supplied and fitted by Russell from, helps carry you away to dreamland in our kid’s bedroom nook.

What a journey it has been. It is crazy to think the job is complete and opens to the public today! We promise the Ideal Home Show is something you do not want to miss. Come and see what we’re all about, explore our Showhouse rooms in all their finished glory, and be inspired. It has already been such a rewarding experience. We cannot thank everyone who contributed enough!