Halo Tiles Showroom – Progress

Halo Tiles Showroom – Progress from the beginning till now.

Our love for tiles led us to visit one of the biggest tile showrooms in Wexford: Halo tiles. We have not only discovered a source of some incredibly beautiful tiles, but the visit has transformed into an exciting opportunity and challenge to redesign the entire showroom.

In a very short time frame, we were asked to redesign the space for one of our largest projects to date; an entire open plan showroom about 1100 m2. The space has offered a fantastic potential and scope to unleash our creative spark. So exciting!

The showroom can be divided into three main zones.

The front entrance and the central area give you a glimpse into a potential bathroom set design. We haven’t had too much involvement here- only a few cosmetic improvements involving a change of colour and styling.


Bare partitions offer a great potential to display some of the tile collections on a larger scale. We had so much fun coming up with some creative tiling layouts.


New cage-like displays being delivered to the site. The contract of the powder coated metal against the white background is quite striking!


We have designed three box-like structures that are randomly dispersed in space. One of these will be tiled internally and externally and the other two will be displaying timber finishes. We can not wait to see the progress and the final result. Watch this space as it’s going to be quite a treat.


Partition walls for the box structures are being plastered and getting ready for the make-over.


The focal points of the third zone are the two large tunnels. Both tunnels will evoke a gallery-like space. Black background will serve greatly to showcase the colours and the textures of the exhibited tiles.


Tunnels are being plastered and painted to a dramatic black colour.


Stay tuned on the development of the showroom and any further progress.