Hillside Residence

Greystones Residence is a residential redevelopment that we have just completed. The property is a semi-detached four bedroom house located just outside Greystones village. The property had always been used as a family home. In recent years the client’s children have moved out and the space was no longer being utilised as best it could. Our brief was to adapt the existing space by redesigning some of the rooms including the master bedroom, living room, ground floor WC and the office/gym. The design needed to provide the clients with a longlasting design that would suit their way of life whilst maximising the space and providing them with additional storage. Aesthetically the space was to be sleek and sophisticated. The master bedroom in particular was to offer the client a luxurious haven in which to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world.


The bedroom design involved joining the existing master bedroom with the exsting box room to create a large bedroom suite which incorporated an en-suite bathroom, large bedroom area and walk in wardrobe.


Above Picture: Previous box bedroom. The small window looked out at a badly plastered chimney breast. As this became the secondary window within the bedroom suite we decided to make a feature out of it, covering the window with a milk glass panel which diffused the natural light within the space. We also incorporated a black out blind within the window with the cord hidden on the right hand side, so that the client could get a peaceful nights sleep…

The clients previously had slide robe wardrobes for storage. We designed a bespoke walk in wardrobe which catered to their precise storage needs and used the above space for a relaxing seating area

Above image: This was the previous master bedroom. We knocked the rear wall down and designed a partition storage wall and solid timber headboard to be built further back into the box room increasing the size of the bedroom space substantially.


A strip alcove shelf which runs along the full width of the wall provides a minimal alternative to a bedside locker. New vertical radiators were installed and powder-coated to match the walls.

The sliding mirror door in the walk-in-wardrobe reflects the strip of oak floor, elongating the room. A square of opal glass is suspended infront of the window hiding an unwanted view without blocking the natural light.

One of the timber panels opens to reveal a hidden bedside locker. All the joinery throughout was designed and detailed by Kingston|Lafferty Design and manufactured by Moore O’Gorman joinery

Bespoke bench seating with integrated storage. A montage of square mirror tiles reflects the light from the window opposite. LED strip lights are hidden behind a pelmet exudes a soft glow down the walls.

Alcove shelf in bedroom partition wall.

Bespoke walk-in-wardrobe with sliding mirror door.


Feature partition wall dividing the main bedroom area and the walk-in-wardrobe. Solid timber panels cover the lower section of the wall creating a headboard for the bed.


The bathroom design involved the design of a large bespoke high gloss streamlined unit. The design offered the client a high end, minimal alternative to the previously cluttered WC.


The previous WC was outdated and cluttered as there was a full height storage unit for the cloakroom located within the space also. We relocated the cloakroom into the office/gym to give the WC more space. We also had the timber ceiling removed and plastered. All sanitary ware was replaced and updated.


Glass rectangular tiles frame a large recessed mirror, reflecting plenty of light around this small bathroom.A bespoke high gloss storage unit with LED strip lighting creates a strong line, elongating the space. The dark stain solid oak top defines the contemporary geometric style.

Finger grips were routed into the drawers and doors to create a seemless finish.

A bit of styling!


Our product selection for the living room incorporated feature pendants from Hicken Lighting, tables from Bo Concept and some details from Ikea. Overall we wanted to create a stylish room full of subtle details that all complimented the soft, pale colour palette of pale grey and white hues.

The Living Room design was centred around giving a central focus point to the room. Previously the room had quite a bit of furniture placed within the large space, a feature wood burning stove and a tv media unit. There was no one place for the eye to look at. The room was quite dark and plain due to the heavy finishes and colour. We designed an architectural feature wall to encompass the wood burnign stove, tv and media unit and to also include a log storage feature. We also designed a large window storage unit with upholstery to double as a window seat. The client wanted to retain the existing leather suite so we incorporated it into the new design and softened the heavy materials with lighter tones.


The dark timber ceilings combined with the dark wood doors and black furniture dominated the room and gave the impression of the room being a lot smaller than it was.

We removed the armchair from the leather set and incorporated our window seat in its place.

The wood burning stove is a lovely feature but stood out in the room with the previous layout.By incorporating it in the structured wall, it fit into the space better.


Feature architectural fireplace wall with painted steel alcoves and mink limestone hearth. Painting by Diana Kingston

A full height alcove within the fireplace wall provides a neat space to store logs for the stove.

Cluster of 3 pendants to add an element of fun.

The colour scheme was developed to complement and soften the client’s black leather suite.

Bespoke window bench with integrated wine storage.