The colour grey is a transition between the colours black and white. The darker tones of grey create a more dramatic and mysterious atmosphere, while the lighter tones can become more illuminating, clean and crisp. Grey often has an effect on colours with which it comes into contact. It tones down brighter colours and illuminates softer colours. Rarely, is grey a perfect mix of black and white. It often has elements of other colours such as blue, green, pink, mauve or yellow within it and therefore it has such a huge scale of use. Grey is a perfect neutral colour and it is often used as a background colour as it creates a subtle base to support other key elements within the interior or the exterior.

Our favourite Grey DULUX Signature range: Mid Cloud, Pure Cloud & Mid Dusk


Mid Cloud, Pure Cloud & Mid Dusk


Variations of the colour grey can be used for different purposes.

Our favourite colours from Dulux Signature range are: Mid Cloud, Pure Cloud & Mid Dusk. All three colours are perfect choices of a wall colour for your living room, hallway or other living areas. Mid Cloud and Pure Cloud carry a hint of blue that softens the tone and brings depth to a base of grey. We would recommend to use it on walls and adjacent joinery to create a texture. Colour layering in your living space is a big trend right now.  For more dramatic choices chose darker tones of grey on your walls or furniture. Layering of grey tones can create nice and soft environment but can be quite reserved. Depending on the style you are trying to create, add large patterns, colours, artwork to your space for more vibrancy and interest.