Floral Inspiration: Ranunculus

Time for a little more floral inspiration and this time we’re looking at the beautifully, delicate ranunculus.

This flower is part of the buttercup family and the delicate, blush tones of  pink and peach has us thinking of beautifully soft delicate designs.

As we’ve mentioned in our previous floral inspiration posts, nature and the great outdoors are a constant source to us and the spaces we design. There is so much we can take from plants and flowers to inform and inspire our surroundings.


From colour combinations to beautifully composed bouquets, the feel or tone of a floral image can often help to depict the feel we want to create in our homes.

If you’re designing a space in your home it’s really nice to create a mood board of images, tones and textures to portray the style of the space you want to create. The images don’t have to be all literal representations or interiors related, that’s where beautiful floral inspiration can come in – use floral images that depict the feeling or mood of the room you want to create.

In exterior and garden designs painting doors and garden furnishings in soft blush and peach tones will bring a prettiness and will sit wonderfully with garden greens.

mood board