Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

Below is more research on my final year thesis project. The slides contain a combination of inspiration as well as photographs of some of my own models, sketches and experimentations. I was very intrigues by organic forms and materials.

Exhibitions influence my design a lot, the top images are of one of the uni-lever series in the Tate modern and the main page consists of Karim Rashids furniture, lighting and installation blobs. What I love most about Rashid is his playfulness with colour and form. Its exciting to think that design doesn’t need any formal restrictions. The juxtaposition of forms like these in a typical Victorian property would be exciting.

Verner panton and his fantasy landscape are so contrasting to the architectural lines of the building. Complete encapsulation of the user allows the user to enjoy the experience of the space without external distraction

Tara Donovan is an installation designer who manages to create other worldly spaces with the most basic of materials. The whiteness of her spaces evoke mystery and calm without overwhelming the user by bombarding them with colour.