CREATE by kld with So Simple…

DFS launched their So Simple… range in London last week and we sent our intrepid CREATE by kld designer Vicki McGahon to check out what So Simple… is all about.


CREATE by kld is Kingston Lafferty Design’s new tailored interior design and decoration service and is available across Ireland now.

Hi, Vicki here, I am just back from London and the launch of a very exciting new range from DFS, So Simple…. With new lifestyles and smaller spaces, DFS have come up with a new way of buying sofas, easy as 1,2,3.  Let’s face it apart from your kitchen the next show off thing in our homes is the sofa. Over style, comfort comes first when choosing a sofa but DFS have certainly put both together here.

Vicki testing the sofas with Caroline and Jo from Gaff Interiors


The Ola in Simply Leather Tan Look


To briefly go through the concept, it’s a 3-step process

  1. Choose your style (8 to choose from)
  2. Choose your size (3-seater, 2-seater and armchair)
  3. Choose your Fabric (27 to choose from comprising of wool, velvet, linen and leather look)

Every So Simple… sofa is then designed and handmade to order. And what’s more, the DFS designers, makers, stitchers and shapers deliver the goods with a 15-year guarantee.


Step 1


Step 2



Step 3
Step 3


Sofa shopping made easy. But to help a little further I’m going to walk through my top 3 from the event.

Personally, my favourite styles were The Tom, The Mya and The Guy.

The Tom was by far my favourite, it looks compact and neat but what surprised me was that you did sink into it so definitely wins on both style and comfort. It was on display in a leather look, but I think it would have been amazing to see it in the wools or linens, my choice would have been the peacock teal wool.

The Tom


The Mya was a big hit with everyone there and stunning in the pink linen. Pink is everywhere and it’s losing that tag of just being feminine. KLD recently created a stand for Fleetwood and used the Betsy 1920 palette from Fleetwood’s Vogue range and it was all kinds of sophistication, but a room for everyone. But back to the Mya, A perfect nod to a traditional chesterfield sofa but sleeker with thinner arms making it easier to fit into all sized spaces.

The Mya Sofa in pink
The Mya


The Guy is definitely the winner for that lounge experience. You literally sink into it. It was displayed in the natural earth velvet which was super soft and luxurious.


Vicki testing out the Guy sofa


I can’t wait to help our CREATE by kld clients see the options in this range. My top tip would be don’t be afraid to mix the styles.  I can certainly see a 3-seater Tom positioned alongside two Mya chairs. And play around with the colours and fabrics, the velvets would be lovely mixed with the wools.


The wonderful Irish contingent at So Simple… Launch


Vicki with Niamh O’ Carroll

I want to say a special thank you to DFS for having us all over and to Niamh O’Carroll from O’Carroll Consulting who organised the Irish contingency and looked after us while we were there.


Vicki and Emma Liasides, PR Manager for DFS


Thumbs up to DFS for creating this oh so simple way to shop for that all important sofa. A perfect option for folk who find themselves with smaller spaces to furnish.


Here is a short video montage of the the launch and the So Simple… range

You can check out the full range of So Simple… sofas, sizes and choices here


Bye for now,