The colour Copper has been used in design for many years.

Its soft texture and colour are very popular among designers and architects that use this material in many different innovative ways. Not only material, but there is also a variety of metallic paints available on the market such as Hammerite paints that can be applied on metallic or wooden finishes.

It is commonly used in kitchen spaces not only as kitchen utensils or vintage pots, but more and more on larger areas like kitchen back-splashes and kitchen worktops. What became very popular recently were solid brass islands that were very eye-catching. A copper island could add a very stylish twist to a modern sleek kitchen space. If you are a copper enthusiast but prefer tones in smaller amounts, accessories are the way to go.

We love a combination of marble with a metallic shade like brass or copper. We have spotted this beautiful and affordable Miner wall clock made of slate and copper.  It’s simply stunning.



Miner wall clock by


Another simple but beautiful furniture piece that we used is Swedese coffee & side table.

Swedese Breeze Copper Tables by


Lighting is an important element of any interior space that can not be overlooked. Copper pendants or over sized floor lamps are not only stylish and luxurious additions to your room but also reflect additional light around, creating an illusion of a brighter space.


Tripod Base Floor Lamp by Graham and Green


Another way how to bring the shade into an interior is via kitchen or bathroom taps. Copper armchair or sofa details are certainly stylish and luxurious too.