Colour of the Week: Citrine

This week’s installment of summer of colour is all about yellows. Specifically, we will be talking about the color Citrine and how its yellow tones are the perfect punch of colour for your latest projects.

DFS Home of Colour
DFS Home of Colour

Citrine & The Yellow Family

Yellow itself is always seen as a vibrant, fun shade. Its naturally the brightest colour visible to the human eye, and its effects on humans can be significant and powerful.

While Citrine shades tend to be more muted and/or yellow-green in tone, shades of yellow from more soft hues to the brights to anywhere in between have a place within interior design. Brighter colours tend to be more energetic and playful, while softer ones will play more calmly within a space.


  • For a more exciting version of a neutral palette, pair yellows with white, grey, or black. This gives amazing contrast without over intense with colour.
  • Yellows work amazing as anywhere from accent furniture to decor in spaces that often are lively or need brightening. Try incorporating into living rooms or hallways rather than bedrooms.
  • Balance Yellows with purple for a complimentary colorful look, or pair it with other warm tones like orange and red to balance the harshness of the colour without making the room feel neutral.

Paint Options by Fleetwood

Here at Kingston-Lafferty Design, we use Fleetwood paints for our work. Here are our favourite citrine-yellow shades from their line.

Brighter shades like Jolene or Cyber Yellow make for amazing accents, while more muted shades likeĀ  Biltmore or Mimosa can be used more throughout a space.