Colour of the Week: Amber

For this week’s summer of colour, we are focusing on the next hue in ROYGBIV: oranges. In particular, we will be talking about the color Amber and how its orange tones are perfect for your latest design endeavors.

Amber & The Orange Family

As the middle child between the dominant, energetic red and the fun, optimistic yellow, orange can often be ignored in favour of its sibling hues. However, orange can be an outstanding colour to feature within a space, and can bring energy and fun to an otherwise dull room.

While many shades of orange that are tied to Amber tend to be deeper and earthier in tone, oranges ranging from peach to neon can also be implemented within successful interior design.

When it comes to using orange, it is important to know the mood of the space. If the space is supposed to be romantic or soothing, lighter, use softer peachier tones.


  • For a more energetic palette, pair orange with turquoise for that intense pop of color. The light mix of blue and green within turquoise contrasts with the orange perfectly without being too dark or loud. (check back later this Summer of Colour for more information and tips on Turqoise)
  • In order to bring a bit of color into a more neutral space, accent the room with earth-toned oranges. The orange in these shades will pop without being overly vibrant, bringing the perks of orange into the space without shifting the aesthetic extremely.
  • Accent walls, orange painting, or even copper/bronze metalwork can be a simple way to bring the color into a space

Paint Options

Here are our favourite amber-orange shades from the Fleetwood Paint line!

Fired Amber and Earthy Orange are the perfect earth tones to incorporate. Colours like Harrow Dusk are more pale and neutral-leaning, but can still be used effectively as a light accent.

Note: Colours may appear differently on screen than in person. We always recommend looking at a physical paint sample prior to selecting a specific paint colour.