Ballsbridge Residence Interior Design – Week 2

It is hard to believe how much interior work has already happened in two weeks. Well done so far to Cill Dara Homes, they sure are getting stuck in!

Not only has all of the extensive demolition work been carried out, but so much of the new structure is underway, windows measured and ordered etc.

It is so exciting to be able to see how the two houses have been knocked together to create one overall house. For those who aren’t great at visualising, I promise this mess is going to look great very soon!

And for those, like us, who get very excited during construction… keep checking back to see┬áthe progress!

A lot of propping required to keep the roof in place

Soon to be the bootroom below and master suite above!

A few on site changes… as to be expected!

Bulkheads to frame the kitchen and pantry wall and create tunnel into boot room and kids room… We love our bulkheads!

Soon to be a full height, floor to ceiling fixed glass panel in the kitchen..