Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

Lighting was a crucial part of my design as I feel that light and colour can completely alter the atmosphere, mode and perception of a space. Subtlety was also a strong need of mine within the space. I wanted the lighting to be sensory for it to change from a main control panel – no switches or wires for there to be multiple settings that will change through out the course of the day/setting. All elements within the space are designed to allude to being living themselves….for it to sense the user as the user senses it.

Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

I made a scale model to explain the drip ceiling and benches in the song-writing space. I used balsa wood and printed off my cad drawings to get each level precise and used them as a stencil. Here is a notebook I designed to illustrate the model..

Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

Detailed drawings of various elements of the design.

| Fossil wall

| Stairs

| Illuminated toilet pod

Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

Sections and elevations for the Millhouse music studio|
The building is from the Victorian era and has been recently redeveloped over the last few years to add an interesting juxtaposition on both wings. The glass wing works well with the fossil/ lung sculptural piece.

| Elevation and section cc

| Section dd

| Section aa and bb

Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

Plans of the Millhouse music studio with different floor heights highlighted in key on the right. The plans reflect the overall concept of an organic, flowing and living space.

| Ground Floor Plan

| First Floor Plan

Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

Presentation boards of |
Lighting plans
Photo models
Cad drawings