Kingston Lafferty Design was founded by award winning designer Roisin Lafferty in 2010. From a young age, artistic flare has been one of Róisín’s many talents. When the time came to study she knew that she wanted to go in the direction of design and in her chosen field she excelled; achieving a first class honours in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design from Dublin Institute of Technology. She went on to do a Masters in Product and Spatial Design in Kingston University, London, where she was also awarded a first class honours and presented her final project as part of renowned design exhibition, Tent, London.

Roisin as Creative Director is supported by her CEO Becky Russell who joined the company in 2012. Becky had an intuitive feel for business from a young age with various successful entrepreneurial endeavours to her name before she joined KLD. She comprehends Roisin’s vision as no other by having studied in the same field but more importantly through their envious compatibility. This puts Becky in a great position to help bring KLD to the new heights it is aspiring to.


Behind Roisin and Becky stands a multidisciplinary and greatly diverse team based in Dublin. With members from around the world, it is easy to understand how KLD benefits from a local but also global perspective being brought to each project. Having the expertise of several qualified architects, designers and marketing experts this is a fully rounded group of extremely talented people that each bring their own specific values to the table. Boldness truly is the key word here when it comes to helping them envision Roisin’s path. This ultimately creates a culture of belonging and encouraging us to push design boundaries every day

Design ethos

Since founding KLD, Róisín has earned enormous respect and recognition across the construction and interiors industry for her contribution to design. For both Residential and Commercial her projects deliver exciting spaces that are based on both client brief and context. For Róisín good design pays particular attention to space – the building itself and its surroundings. As such, her work is not represented through one distinct style, but places the space and the desires of her clients as central.

“Roisin describes the studio as creatively led, always. looking at every project as unique, as special, as an opportunity to push the norms and break against preconceived expectations of how design should be. We like to challenge ourselves to create something new for our clients every time, something that excites them, evokes imagination, curiosity and happiness in them. It is extremely important to us that there is depth and authenticity in what we create, the spaces need to awaken emotion and encompass the people who inhabit them. Good design is more than the individual elements, there is a harmony, balance and magic that needs to be achieved in each environment and capture a mood, emotion and atmosphere appealing and connecting all senses. I fully believe that the spaces we occupy seriously impact our experience in the world, how we feel, our perspective, our emotions and ultimately our outlook and behaviour. We strive to create spaces that only enhance everyone’s experience of the world and their individual lives. It is a brave ambition, but it is this goal that keeps us invested, excited and challenged as designers”