My name is Ridhi and I am a new addition to the KLD team! I am originally from India and Ireland has now been my home for the last 10 years.

I have always been a people person; wanting to know more about what makes the people of a place tick, the story behind their way of life, the culture of a place that reflects in everything and everyone. I love to travel- going to new places to discover the lesser known spots and mingling with locals.

My passion was taken to a whole new level when I got married and moved to Ireland. It was an entirely different culture, one that took a bit of time getting used to. But soon I understood that beneath the Irish accent the people here were not much different from the ones I was brought up amongst.

I found my comfort zone and a few wonderful friends who made the cultural divide disappear, bonding over lunches, coffees and marathon laughter sessions. The next phase in my life started when I started my first job in Dublin, with its ALL male team.

It was unlike anything I have ever experienced before, and they did everything to make me feel comfortable and welcome. In no time, I was one of the lads. But on the work front, I craved a challenge, and design was something that had always fascinated me. When I got an opportunity to join KLD, I was on cloud nine, although with some nerves in regards to making a smooth transition.

The warm environment put me at ease instantly and I love straightforwardness in which I can approach just about anybody. As this new chapter begins, I can feel a spring in a step. Sign of an auspicious start, as my mother would put it back home.

In terms of personal interests, I am fascinated by photography. I have always wanted to learn the processes behind it but being a ‘mom on the run’ surely doesn’t help. It has limited my skills to adding filters on Instagram on a mediocre iPhone photo!

Apart from following the work of photographers of international repute, what really catches my fancy is some of my friends’ work. Their work constantly reinforces why photography intrigues me.

Ronan Considine is a friend based in Canada. I enjoy looking at his series as he is always able to see such detail and potential in his subjects. He has the ability to let people enjoy his perception, which our eyes would miss otherwise.

Everything is just so right about this picture - Suzhou in China Credits: Ronan Considine Photography

Below are a few more from another friend Ashish Chopra, based in India, whose account I follow religiously on Instagram.

He loves to capture things everyday sights that could be perceived as mundane, yet through his lens these sights are given a whole new life.

The Golden Domes of Faith lit by Surreal Lighting Credits: Instagram @ashishchopra T W I N D A D D Y

The intricacy of a Tie and Dye turban compete for detail with the age lining his face Credits: Instagram @ashishchopra T W I N D A D D Y

I feel photography is how you perceive your subject and you need to be able to see from your head and heart. Two photographers could capture the same scene and the results could be two amazingly beautiful works of art.

So, here’s to making the most of our unique ways of life!

Don't lose Focus in a topsy-turvy world Credits: Instagram @ashishchopra T W I N D A D D Y