Lighting by Michael Anastassiades

‘Simple Geometrics Shapes and Reflective Materials’ Lighting by Michael Anastassiades

Bringing some light to your Monday blues….

I have recently been introduced to the lighting works by Michael Anastassiades and I have been in complete awe and slightly (madly) obsessed ever since.

Michael Anastassiades launched his studio in 1994 with intentions to explore notions and aesthetics through a mixture of product, furniture and environmental design. His work mainly aims to combine dialogue, participation and interaction. Michael is inspired by action, observation social codes, nature, rawness, recreation, people and art, he also says that design doesn’t inspire him – that he just creates it.

The style of lighting that he produces are minimal and uncomplicated, yet they create an intensity that one might not expect. The subtle use of simple, geometric shapes and reflective materials create dreamy eye-catching, timeless signature pieces.

Michael Anastassiades says that when working with light what interests him most is that you are addressing an object that must work in two scenarios: When the light is on and when the light is off. Michael believes that lighting is fundamental in our lives, that no light means no architecture, no shadow, no perspective, no depth, no plants, no ambiance, no spirituality, no vision, no security and no communication.

Michael Anastassiades creations without doubt create all of the above.

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