20 Questions with Sian Foley

Meet Sian Foley. Sian is in transition year in Loreto Abbey Dalkey and has joined us for a week’s work experience at  KLD. It has been an absolute pleasure having Sian on board. Have a look at her 20 questions. I think you’ll agree the future is very bright. Thank you Sian for all your hard work and best of luck with your continuing studies and adventures.

1. What could you not live without?
I definitely could not live without my friends. They’re my literal lifeline.


2. Where would be your ideal weekend break?
Probably London for a shopping trip.


3. What woman or women inspire you?
Ok I’ll have to be cliché and say my mum. I think she’s just amazing and always puts others before herself. I also love Iris Apfel because I admire her authenticity and crazy style.

Iris Abfel
Iris Apfel


4. A much harder question, what man or men inspire you?
Here it comes, definitely my Dad because he’s so hardworking and loving. He’s hilarious too. John Lennon and Bowie as well.

David Bowie
The Inimitable David Bowie


5. What would you like to be when you grow up?
Either working in the fashion industry or an interior designer.


6. Who are your favourite interior designers in the world?
Definitely David Hicks because I love the way he incorporates so much colour and patterns and Lazaro Mongiardino because I love his grand and extravagant style.

David Hicks
Design by David Hicks


7. Your favourite gadget or app?
My favourite app right now is probably VSCO because I’m really into photography and it’s a really easy platform to edit photos on. I love all the cool filters they have.


8. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Hmm this one’s difficult I always struggle with it. Maybe fun, honest and imaginative.


9. What saying do you love?
“Sure if you didn’t laugh you’d cry”. I’m not sure who said it originally, but I learned it from the queen herself, my mum.


10. What’s your stress reliever, how do you let loose?
Haha probably having a dance around my room or just having the chats with my friends.


11. Who would you happily be stranded on a desert island with?
Harry Styles.

Harry Styles
Wouldn’t we all like to be stranded on a desert island with… Harry Styles


12. What fictional character would you like to be?
Ooh good question. Probably Hermione Granger because who wouldn’t want to be a wizard?

Hermione Granger
Avada Kedavra.. It’s Hermione Granger


13. Where do you want to be in 5 years time?
In 5 years I’ll be 21 so hopefully studying something I love in London and just having a good time.


14. What’s your favourite meal?
Lunch is a quality meal. I love a good sambo.


15. Where is your favourite holiday destination?
I don’t mind I’m happy to go anywhere. Ideally somewhere sunny that I can relax but also can easily get into the city. I’ve always loved France.


16. What’s your favourite city in Europe?
I haven’t been to many yet, but London is great and Rome is pretty amazing.


The Eternal City… Rome


17. Tell us about your family?
Annette and Ronan are my mum and dad. I’m the youngest of two. My sister’s name is Mia and she’s 18 and wants to do computer science in college. We’re at completely opposite ends of the scale. Fun fact, my mum is the eldest of nine so I have loads of cousins.


18. What’s in your handbag, do you have a handbag?
Mostly used dart tickets and coppers but I always have some shade of red lipstick in it and lip balm.


19. It’s a hard one, but what’s your favourite movie, song and TV show (3 questions in one)?
Ok movie, I have two, Sing Street and Billy Elliot. Song, ahhh I can never choose but I love a bit of rock n roll and TV show is Stranger Things.

Stranger Things
We all love… Stranger Things


20. What’s on your to-do list for 2019?
Basically, just to do as much as I can because I’m in Transition Year and have the time to do lots of things. But more specifically, go on a trip to London and decorate my room.


 I really enjoyed my week in KLD and have learned so much! Everyone here is so friendly and kind and I’ll be sad to leave. I got to see lots of samples and ideas and got a good grasp on the company’s style and the kind of things they like to incorporate into each project. I also got to work on a project of my own designing an apartment and creating mood boards for all the different rooms, which I had so much fun doing. I really liked having the opportunity to be creative and put my own spin on things. The working environment here is great and the offices are amazing. I was very new to a lot of things when I first came in but the team were so helpful and had a lot of patience with me which was really nice.