20 Questions: TY Student Ellen McNally

Kingston Lafferty Design were delighted to welcome transition year student Ellen McNally into our offices for a work experience week. We got Ellen involved in the day to day running of an interior design house and we decided to ask her 20 Questions about her life, loves and future.

My name is Ellen McNally and I’m 16 years old. I’m a transition year student in Holy Child Killiney. I’m from Greystones. I’m really interested in sport, fashion and music.

1. What could you not live without?
I could not live without my friends. They are pretty fun.

2. Where would be your ideal weekend break?
Either down the west where I could go surfing or body boarding for the weekend or to a city on a shopping trip.

Surf Wave


3. What woman or women inspire you?
Dina Asher Smith. She is an amazing athlete.

Dina Asher Smith
Dina Asher Smith



4. A much harder question, what man or men inspire you?
Martin Luther King Jr. He bravely stood up for what he believed in.

Dr. Martin Luther King


5. What career do you think you’d like to pursue?
I am wondering the same thing. I’m interested in lots of different careers but have no idea what direction I want to go in.

6. Who are your favourite artists in the world?
My favourite artist is probably Banksy ( an anonymous street artist) as I thought him/her shredding his/her painting at the auction for it was very interesting. I also really like his/her street art.



7. Your favourite gadget or app?
My favourite app would have to be snapchat. I use it everyday.


8. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Probably energetic, sporty and fun.


9. What saying do you love? ‘
‘It’s a piece of cake’. I love cake.


10. What’s your stress reliever?
Sleeping, eating and seeing my friends.


11. Who would you happily be stranded on a desert island with?
Young Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leo Di Caprio
Leo Di Caprio



12. What fictional character would you like to be?
Mickey Mouse. I would love to live in the Mickey Mouse Club House.

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse


13. Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
In 10 years’ time I will be 26. I hope to have graduated from college and have a job and have travelled the world.

14. What’s your favourite meal?
Definitely breakfast. There is so many nice foods and drinks to have for breakfast and I am always really hungry in the morning.

15. Where is your favourite holiday destination?
I like all kinds of holidays. I love visiting cities and going to hot places and staying poolside. I have never been skiing but is a holiday I would love to go on.

16. What’s your favourite city in Europe?
I have visited a few cities in Europe but my favourite would have to be Milan. The city itself was so nice and it had lots of great shops and food places.



17. What is your party piece?
I can do the worm.


18. What’s in your handbag?
My phone, leap card, wallet, lip balm and my earphones.


19. It’s a hard one, but what’s your favourite movie, song and TV show (3 questions in one)?
My favourite movie would have to be The Parent Trap. I have many favourite songs but one of my favourites is Where is the Love by the Black Eyed Peas. It was actually top of the charts the day I was born. My favourite TV show is Gossip Girl.

The Parent Trap
The Parent Trap and Lindsay Lohan x 2


20. What’s on your to-do list for 2020?
Go to China, learn guitar, convince my parents to let us go skiing and to make the Irish athletics team.



“I really enjoyed my week’s work experience in KLD. I really got to see what kind of work they do and the kind of projects they work on. It was really interesting to see all the steps involved in designing the interior of a building. I was given a brief on an apartment and I got to design it myself and create mood boards for each room. I then collected samples of paint, fabrics and tiles form around the office for each room. It was a really fun project to work on. The KLD office is really cool and amazing to see. Everyone working in KLD were really friendly and welcoming. This week I got a great insight into what working in interior design is like and I will definitely be considering it as a future career for myself!”



We would like to thank Ellen for joining us at KLD for the week, it was great having you here, thanks for all the hard work and creative input. We wish you the best in all your endeavours, best of luck learning the guitar and have a wonderful time in China.


Ellen McNally
Ellen McNally