This was an exciting couple of weeks. The screed and underfloor heating have been laid so we can now see the final finished floor level. This means that we can now appreciate the new height in the basement. It is no longer a low, dark space. Also the issues with the newly found well have been resolved, after some long design team meetings! The well is being made into a feature in the lowest tier of the garden. Secured by a retaining concrete ring and retaining walls on either side, the well will now be visible and add a touch of character to the garden. The original stone interior of the well has been secured and restored and is now structurally sound. The well has also taken on a new use to act as the water storage and sump within the lowest tier. Other works that have been carried out are the construction of the dwarf wall for the Hampton Conservatory that we designed. It is great to be able to see the structure and get a real sense of proportion within the space.

New retaining concrete ring to secure well structure
Well being temporarily supported while works are carried out
Inspecting the roof….on a very high ladder!
Rotten timbers on roof section