Aside from all this treacherous weather that we have been having this week, development on the house is still coming along at an exciting pace. The concrete slab for the basement and the new extension has been laid so it already is giving a much better impression of the new space and new increased ceiling height. The well that we encountered underneath the party wall has caused some problems, but a plan has now been made. The well has now been filled 9m with poured concrete and the arch above it has been temporarily propped to ensure that the neighbours garden doesn’t start to cave in! We are going to preserve and support the well and arch within the garden and face it in salvaged brick to add it as a feature to the garden. Roof works have also been carried out, the existing asbestos roof covering has now been removed and replaced with new tegral slates, and the chimneys have both been re-pointed. All in all, the place is starting to resemble a house again which is definitely a good thing!

Basement walls with Delta damp proofing membrane and screed applied
New basement slab throughout basement
Scaffolding to allow access to all floors and roof
Well with temporary propping installed
Well filled 9m with poured concrete and propped
Re-covering of roof
New Tegral slates