There has been quite a lot of development in the past couple of weeks both externally and internally within the site. The garden has been almost fully excavated, so full height scaffolding has been installed to enable us to access the basement and various levels. The beginnings of the delta damp proofing system have been installed in the basement floor, the masonry around the full height landing window has been built up, giving us a good idea of the amount of light that will come into the space, a lot of the mechanical and electrical installations have begun and roof works are now due to start. Let’s hope the snowy weather doesn’t disrupt this week’s progress too much!

New location for double height landing window, where cantilevered toilet used to be.
Partition and bulkead of walk in wardrobe entrance.
Front elevation of walk in wardrobe entrance way.
Scud coat of rear elevation render.
Full height scaffolding to allow access to basement, roof and full rear elevation
Redbrick Construction hard at work!
Mechanical works being installed in first floor en-suite and first floor main bathroom
Wall preparation for delta damp proofing system
Delta damp proofing system being fitted to basement floor – this works as a type of tanking system to the basement
Delta system being fitted to 1.5m height up the walls to join the floor membrane
the basement is no longer a mud pit!
The walk in wardrobe partition with plasterboard finish
roof area ready to be fitted with new roof covering