The main works that have been taking place over the last week have been outside in the garden. The final retaining concrete walls have been poured and set and the structure of the three tier landscape design is becoming more visible. It is getting us all very excited for the end result! The first set of wide concrete steps to the mid tier have been formed and the excavation for the rainwater harvesting has been done. The rain water harvesting tank has also been installed in the mid tier with the necessary plumbing works for it being carried out now. Patching up of damaged walls and ceilings is taking place inside, while at Kingston Lafferty Design we are busy detailing all of the joinery for the kitchen and walk in wardrobe. Tiles and finishes have been ordered, so finishes will start to be applied over the next few weeks.

Work boots lined up in a row!
Internal plastering in en-suite bathroom
structural concrete walls define the three tiered garden design
Uneven walls require a lot of patching up
New hot water cylinder ready for installation
Rainwater harvesting tank set into mid tier garden level
Quite the task to get that digger out of there!!
Original lathe and plaster ceiling needs a lot of patching up