Week 1 in the development of Ranelagh Residence has already shown a massive change since last week. Redbrick construction have shown themselves to be very efficient workers. From outside the front of the house, it seems like a standard renovation could be taking place, but once you venture inside, it is quite another story! So far in the rear garden, the cantilevered extension, basement glass porch, concrete support walls and a lot of the garden have all been removed. Internally, the basement has begun to be excavated. Structural internal walls have been underpinned, the floor slab has been broken up and the sanitary ware has all been removed. Pits have been dug throughout the floor exposing the high water level, which is due to be drained this week, and mounds of earth are piled high throughout the space. See photos below to see the construction site:

Welcome to our office!
The first floor bedrooms have been knocked into one. The floorboards have been removed to prepare for the floor to be levelled.
The view from the hall out to the back garden. The door and window have been removed to allow for the new archway.
The basement bedroom with newly underpinned walls and excavated floor.
On the path to a beautifully landscaped garden!
Rear elevation with demolished extension and glass porch
View from basement hallway into the kitchen