10 Stunning Garden Ideas to Replicate


Create a Water Feature

This doesn’t have to be an elaborate expensive piece. You can even get creative and make your own with garden items such as pots, watering cans, even tea pots work a treat as you may have seen on the Super Garden series!


Pondering a Pond?

If you’re going for a brand new garden design consider including a pond. Ask you garden for advice on something low maintenance that looks good. The presence of water, whether it be the trickle of water from a simple water feature or the glittering, reflective surface of a small pond, creates a wonderfully tranquil and serene feeling a garden space.


Think Tiles

I’m guessing this one doesn’t surprise you?! We love our tiles at KLD. They just add such wonderful pattern and interest to a space. These floor tiles are a fantastic pattern and the simple colour scheme allows the vibrant greens and pinks of the vegetation stand out against the beautifully tiled backdrop.



Statement Seating

Whether it be a hammock or an egg chair, statement seats will create a stand out feature that’s just dreamy to chill and unwind in on a breezy summers day. Opt for something really unique and adorn it with colourful cushions for added impact.


Garden Furniture

You dont have to necessarily fork out a small fortune on garden furniture. If its feasible you could even temporarily move your dining table out doors. Just make sure you have somewhere to store it or covers to put over it once the night dew sets in. This wooden table and bench with scattered cushions and throws has such a lovely, feel to it.


Wisteria Histeria

Lately we are obsessed with the powerful effect of wisteria. The bright mauve tone and the chilled out draping plant is the perfect statement plant for any garden. We love how it teams with the pastel blue-green window frames in this image. We’d team it with some lovely Seagrass, Fresh Rosemay or Morning Breeze from the Cuprinol range.






Fruit, fruit, fruit

Why not plant some pretty fruit trees for a picturesque garden that also allows you to become that little bit more self-sufficient. We’ve found apple, plum and pear trees all grow really well in Ireland.


Add Art

Bring vibrant colour to your garden space by incorporating some paintings or art pieces. Again, this theme has featured quite heavily on the latest series of Super Garden. You could even create a whole gallery wall in your outdoor space.


Magic Mirrors

Mirrors work wonderfully in a garden space. They reflect the colour around the space and can also make the space appear bigger. We have five of these mirrors in our Ranelagh garden. The mirror is n IKEA one which we changed up with a coat of paint. Check out our how to post here to see what we did.


Get a Green House

Budget allowing, a green house is obviously a great space to cultivate your own plants, fruit and vegetables. But it can also double up as a dining space. Being surrounded by plants and greenery means there is already a stunning backdrop full of colour and detail making this a unique and gorgeous space to entertain guests or just enjoy a semi-alfresco meal yourself.